Friday, 22 July 2011

Sweet Girl Card

Hi, and welcome!

Would you believe that I walked into a store today, and was confronted with decorations, cards, and sweets....for HALLOWEEN!!!
My grandkids don't finish school for the summer until next Tuesday, and they expect us to be buyin' for Halloween?
With five kids, I admit that I used to start shopping for toys and gifts for Christmas, in September, after they'd gone back to school, but am I alone in thinking this is a bit too much?  Maybe so, because I did actually see a few people having a rummage.....I moved on before I said something I'd regret, later.......hmmph!

OK....old fogey moan over........

Today's card is supposed to be bright and summery....and girlie! let me know what you think........

Isn't she just gorgeous?  She was a freebie from Whoopsie their images........and was a joy to colour up...Promarkers, as usual.......I added white glaze dots for a bit of texture.......look at those ickle shoes.......aawwww.......

the papers are from K&Co, except the red dotty which was from my scrap box........the plain red, and the plain green, were from The Paper local one has closed!!.....where do I go,!

These red flowers are Prima, and I found the ickle white vellum ones in my stash....don't even remember buyin' 'em.....ha! The red ones were more of an orangey red, so I went over them with Berry Red Promarker, so they'd tone properly............

Now....let me tell ya about that metal "Hugs" was cream, so I thought I'd change it up with red embossing powder.......did you know that even if you hold it with tweezers while usin' a heat gun on it,  metal can turn very nasty without battin' an eyelid?  Well, it can!!  Which is why you can probably see that it might just be a ickle-tickle bit burnt ........and my fingers match it....ha!  Was so peeved with it that I told it straight...."you are goin' on that flippin' ribbon whether you want to or not!!" there it sits....ha!

And take a loooook at this big boy!  He's made from craft foam.....and I might have got a bit carried away with his size.......

He is a bit dense, isn't he?.....but he kinda has a charm all of his own, dontcha think?
I did always go for the slightly thick side-kick, and not the hero....what can I say? ;)

I enjoyed makin' this one.......hope you enjoyed the viewing!

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Anne-Marie x


  1. This is just gorgeous the image and yes the card is very

  2. I hope you're not saying that Ken the Dunderstud is the goofy side-kick.... If so, who was the hero?
    Love her polka dot shoes btw :)

  3. 1... love the colors
    2... love her outfit
    3... love that foam flower
    4... it would cost a small fortunate to post it for sure - at least here in the states it would
    5... love the card
    6... can you believe they have some xmas stuff out in our stores - and don't give me that XMAS IN JULY crap either. anything to make a buck.

    hugs :)

  4. Gob smacked! Can't get any more girly...polka dots and flowers! Taking lessons from you on man cards and flower making ;) Love it. Knew C would like those shoes. She also makes a good point - you aren't talking about Dunderstud being the side-kick are you?

  5. Love the colors you used on this one. And your coloring too of course. Way to tell that brad -- don't let it get the best of you~!

  6. Thanks for your comment Anne-Marie - much appreciated. Only my second post but I'm getting there. Just love the foam flower and the embossed metal embellishment. Love your work. Hazel x

  7. Roll on summer! a lovely girly-girl card, love everything LOL, the little girl image is wonderful and she looks so cute in the colours you have used to colour her.

  8. Gorgeous!!! So sweet and cheerful. I love those polka dots and that foam flower is beautiful. Hugs from your little sis!!!

  9. This is very cute and summery and girly! Love the foam flower. I thought it was ceramic at first. Very cool! I agree that it's too early for Halloween when we're still in the middle of summer. Give us a break, please!