Monday, 18 July 2011

Card for a beginner

Hi, and welcome!

I've been thinkin' about you all today........why?  Well, I'll tell ya............I've been feeling a bit sad, and low....thinking about my Dad a lot....this time last year, we'd just been told that he was about to die....we had 12 days to "deal" with the blow before he actually passed on 26th least we had time to say goodbye....or rather.......some of us did......I couldn't.......still can't.........
I also get a bit tetchy, anxious....and silent......around this time of year, too.........I'm due my annual mammogram, and today was my appointment with my surgeon, for a check-up......always freaks me when it all gets a quiet, insular, way.........
My mammogram is next month, but today I was told that my recovery hasgone so well that it is almost certain that I will be discharged in a year's time...........I will be given the "all clear" from breast cancer..............
My knees went wobbly...........

So........why was I thinkin' about you all?  Because you have been instrumental in my recovery.....because each of you is a friend........because laughter is the best medicine, and a good many of you crack me up............because you not only inspire me, and cheer me on in my efforts to be creative, but you have shown interest in my family, and have cheered them on, too..........because if I couldn't regularly come here, in this place where I can be myself, and "talk" to you, I would be more introverted, sad, and anxious..........But you're not gonna let me, are ya?
Whine over.......

I was thrilled and honoured when Rochelle, over at  asked me to contribute a simple card.....something that a beginner could easily make......she must have seen some of my creations, and realized that's all I do!!.......
So, what popped into my head?.....a flippin' male card, that's what!!

I thought that a beginner might not have too many stamps so none have been used.......

I cut three star shapes (the middle one is from the inside of a cereal box 'cos I liked the the edges, added a button with baker's twine......all up on pop dots.....

The circle sentiment is from Craftwork Cards....stuck it on a blue circle and pricked holes around the edge.......all the DPs are from Nitwits:In the Meadow......I got the original pack as a freebie, and liked it so much I actually bought some......yeah, me!...buyin' somethin'....Ha!

I added more baker's twine to one of the layers....just for texture and interest....and left it at that!
A beginner could do this...right?
I'm going to make a girlie version before I post it out to's such a simple layout that it could easily be adapted with flowers etc......let me know whatcha think!

And thanks for being here.....truly.....

Use stars
No stamps
Colour challenge - Chocolate brown, yellow, baby blue
Anne-Marie x


  1. Great card.... Wish I had that type of inspiration when I started creating cards 6 years ago - those layers with rectangle, circle and star shapes are not intimidating at all but something that should lure anybody in giving it a try making cards.
    Your cards in general - no easy way of making them if you ask me :o)

  2. A gorgeous card Anne-Marie. I am so glad you had some good news

  3. I love each and every card you make my friend, they are not simple to me but outstanding. I hope that my cards will be only half as good as yours one day. Love this awesome creation of a male card, you are so good on these, big hugs my friend

  4. This is a wonderful how you used the cereal is a lovely colour. Great layout. Thanks so much for joining us in our Celebration challenge at Unstampabelles. That is such wonderful news for you. Sorry to hear about your Dad that definitely take time. Take care.

  5. Wonderful card and great take on the challenge. Thanks for joining cupcake this week and good luck :)

  6. How well thought out (might not have punches and stamps)and wonderfully executed. It's a great design which I am sure will lure many many people into trying their hand at it! Sending love and prayers as always...

  7. really? were you really that ill????? i know you're mental but.....
    well now, i'm truly blessed to call you my friend and i wish i were there to actually give you a hug! sooooooooooooo {{HUGS}}

    fabulous card and total awesome request for it. you so totally ROCK!

    hugs :)

  8. What a great card! Love the colors combo. Thanks for cheeking out my card.

    So you are a true survivor!

  9. This post tugged at my heartstrings! *sniff* I'm so sorry about your Dad, Anne-Marie.. I won't pretend to know how that feels but I know that it will take time and time does heal (and crafting helps speed the healing!). Think of it this way.. Your Dad is in a better place now..

    I'm so happy you got some good news! I never knew you got ill.. But I'm sooo sentimental that I sure am glad I learned of this now along with the good news! {HUGS} Proud of you for recovering so wonderfully and kicking that cancer's arse! We're all here for you, you know that. :)

    You only make simple cards?? Ha! Wonder why I had to specifically ask you to make it simple then.. And this is not even simple, this is gorgeous! Doable, yes, but simple? Nope. Yes, please, I'd be truly honored if you shared this at my site.. And the girly one too if you'd like. teehee Asking too much, I know. :D

    You're still thinking of unsubscribing to my blog?? *GASP* You wouldn't! I'd only have one regular reader left!!

    Ok, this is turning out to be too long for a comment. I have to say, I'm happy to have met you, Anne-Marie.. :) And your visits to my blogs and lovely comments are highlights of my week. :)


  10. AM,

    First of all, I am stoked (to say the least) about your happy news. All things are possible in Christ :)

    We lost my grandmother to cancer four years ago. She died two weeks after being diagnosed and I think my own mother is still dealing with that sudden loss. Healing takes time, as do all things in life. And you are such a trooper to have come this far already.

    Shall I comment about the card now? teehee! Love it you know, as I always do. Not surprised about the sheer maleness of it but at least I get the consolation prize of seeing the girly version in the near future....hint hint, nudge nudge!

    Love having your blog to read :) and love having you read mine, such a great blogging pal you are*

  11. Maybe a simple card, but it is gorgeous, love all the detail.
    Thanks for sharing with us at ‘Make it Monday’

    Luv CHRISSYxx

    Don’t forget. .if you leave a comment on another entrant, mention that you saw their card on ‘Make it Monday’ for a chance at second prize.. the more you comment on and mention MIM, the more chances at winning second prize.

  12. So many things I could say to you...but both of us would be teary-eyed in the end and neither of us needs that when scissors are involved. Each and everything shapes us, from big to little in life. Knowing that someone is in your corner just makes the journey so much easier.

    The card - simple? Obviously you have never seen my cutting skills... I love the simple look of it (so flag like) and am proud of the recycling effort. Just because it has blue paper doesn't mean it's a male card ya know. Lots of women in this world love blue. Still, would love to see a girly version. How about a big tiara done in glitter? Just saying.

  13. Too teary to type...
    Gorgeous card...doesn't look simple at all, although I know it is.

  14. Could you imagine B in that pink glittery tiara? She has a hankering for Royalty that's for sure :)
    It's only natural to miss your Da, and he is still in your life and your heart when you think of him each day, so you haven't "lost" him.

  15. What a super creation! I love how you've incorporated the star element. Thanks for playing with us at Cupcake this week and good luck. x

  16. I can totally relate to how the blog world has helped you through your bad times. It did with me when I lost my Mum suddenly over 3 years ago. I'm so glad it looks as though you've some really good news to look forward to :0)

    Loving the card. Wish I had the ability to come up with such great designs.

  17. A lovely card - great for a beginner because it is stylish and makes you feel like you have created something better than what you could buy in the shops. Lots of lovely interesting embellishments and a few different techniques to try as well.
    Glad to hear of your good news and sorry about your dad, it does take a long time to get through the death of someone close to you, I enjoy seeing your comments on my blog, they are always fun and uplifting!


  18. Hi

    I am sorry to hear about the passing of your father last year, it must be very difficult and painful. I'm glad though that crafting community has helped you.

    Congrats on winning your own battle with cancer.

    I hope you continue to go from strength to strength.

    Your card today is awesome!! What terrific masculine card.

    Thank you for sharing with us at Make It Monday this week.

    Remember, to be in the running to win the prize from our sponsor this week just leave a comment for another entrant. Make sure you mention you saw them on Make It Monday. The more entries you comment on the more chances you have of winning.

    Michelle :o)

  19. Glad you are recovering well but very sorry to hear about your dad. This card is beautiful and I just love stars! Thanks so much for joining our 1st challenge at Unstampabelles!