Thursday, 31 March 2011

More Mothers' Day Magic-in-the-Air

Hi there, and welcome!

I've been trying to get a post up here, but the week just seems to run away....whoooosh!'s gone!
Finally got some time to make something crafty 'n' fluffy today........HOORAY!

Our youngest daughter (Leigh-Anne) makes really beautiful patchwork quilts, and her children love to wrap themselves in her lovingly-made creations, so when I snagged this digi stamp from Nikki at I just knew that I had to make a card for her children to give to her, for Mothers' Day, which is this Sunday........ hope she likes it :D

I used the latest challenge sketch from which made this card come together really quickly and easily.......definitely unusual for Mrs.-takes-ages-to-decide-then-get-crackin' here, lol........I used a white card base, then layered up some My Mind's Eye cutey papers, which of course I had to do some hand=stitchin' on, lol......

The li'l angel was coloured with my trusty ole Promarkers, then given a bit of glam with pretty Stickles......who's a cutie, then?........

Added some pink bling......gems and more Stickles.........

And the sentiment tag was from that old QVC kit that I've had forever and will never get to the end of!  It was originally grey, so I trotted out my Pastel Yellow Promarker and sloshed it on with my delicate li'l hand.....

Oh.....nearly forgot......just saw the faux stitchin' around the background paper.....not used to doing that, lol!

Happy Mothers' Day to all you British Mums and Grandmas, includin' my 3 beautiful daughters, and 2 gorgeous daughters-in-law :D.

I'm entering this card here:

Use yellow, pink and green

I used the sketch plus Use stash

Mum's the word


Bling & Sparkles

Anne-Marie x

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Love you, Mam!

Hello, and welcome!

I really do think that I must have the nicest group of Followers in are all so supportive, but also make me stop and think sometimes.....and I love it when you leave comments, but also love it when YOU post, so I can catch up with what you are up to, lol.

As promised yesterday, here's a card I made for my Mam, for Mothers''s next Sunday, here in the UK.......but it's not the one I originally planned for her.  I was going to use the tag that I made for Helen's tag challenge, back in February, but I think it was a bit too whimsical for Mam's taste, so I came up with something I think will be more to her taste (fingers crossed, heehee)........

The base is bog standard pink cardstock with a layer of gold paper on top....Mam luuuurves shiny........and then that simply gorgeous pink and gold swirly paper, that I've been dying to use......I have a drawer full of Craftwork Cards stuff, and only use it for special people, so it's ideal for my Mam........

I love the font on this little sentiment tag, which was from a QVC kit, and I simply edged it in gold Krylon pen and mounted it on some foam tape.......

The gold squares are the same paper as the background layer, and were cut with my Nesties........I layered cream and pink Craftwork Cards flowers and centered them with Card Candy, also from CC.....the flowers are made from really pretty pearlised card.........I added a length of wide pink organza ribbon, and layered thinner gold organza on top for a bit of glam.........
I finished the card with a pretty insert on which I printed a poem......but not gonna show ya that, 'cos it's personal for my Mammy, so stop tryin' to peek!

Thanks for stoppin' by,

Some challenges:

Anything but square

For a special lady

For Mum/Special Lady

For Mum

Flowers and sentiment

Anne-Marie x

Friday, 25 March 2011

Just a little 'un!

Hi, and welcome!

We have had several really beautiful, warm and sunny Spring days, and today was not an exception........and I'm too warm!
We topped out at 18 degrees C (can't remember how much that is in old money, lol) and it was a little uncomfortable for me........I really should have been born even further north!
When the sun comes out, I can feel my freckles startin' to sizzle :D

Anyway, let's get on to the little card I wanted to show to you............I realized that I never seem to have any "just in case" cards ready......y'know, for when you just want to send a few words to somebody, but want it to be in a little card and not just a, here's one I made earlier..........

I'm still nowhere near the bottom of my scraps box (es), lol, so the whole card was made using bits and pieces that I found in there......the base is card with stripes and roses, very pretty, and I layered a frame that was from an kit I had, years ago.........

The bow is a piece of green velvet that turned out to be exactly the right length and width to make this little cute is that?.......

and the sentiment is printed on vellum with a few dots of sparkle added, and layered onto a scrap of stripey card with deckled edges......the pretty little lace flower has a pearl in the centre, to finish off.......

I think this little 'un would do as a "saying hello", or "just because" card....let me know what ya think, and I'll be back tomorrow!

Anne-Marie x

Thursday, 24 March 2011

What a way to go!

Hello, and welcome!

Today, Ken and I drove, in the beautiful, warm spring sunshine to the local crematorium to attend the funeral of my Uncle Ted.
He died last Saturday night,  sitting in his armchair, in front of the telly, hands crossed comfortably over his tummy.  He was almost 79, and has been a widower for the past 12 years.
His wife, my Auntie Marjie, was my Mam's youngest, Uncle Ted wasn't my blood uncle, but that doesn't matter .......he was one of the few of my family, from that generation, who are left.

As we got out of the car, we realized that all my male cousins, including Stephen and Colin, Uncle Ted's sons, and his grandsons, were wearing red Manchester United football shirts......Uncle Ted's wishes!  Boy, did he love that team!

As his coffin was carried into the tiny chapel, his two sons had  arranged for Frank Sinatra's "My Way" to be the curtains closed around his coffin, and it was slipped to the waiting furnace, Johnny Cash belted out "Ring of Fire" .....and we all laughed aloud, because we realized that Uncle Ted must have arranged all this with my cousins, and this was his sense of humour, to the last........but it didn't stop there!
As we were invited to exit the chapel, out into the sunshine to view the floral tributes in the courtyard, the music was belted out yet again......."All Night Long", and I was transported back to the 70's, and Uncle Ted spinning me around a dance-floor to that song, and me being really embarrassed because everybody else was boogying on down, and we were doing a foxtrot!

Sleep well, Uncle Ted.

I'll be back tomorrow with a little card!

Anne-Marie x

Monday, 21 March 2011

I DO scrap.....sometimes!

Hi, and welcome!

Haven't got a card for your perusal, (ooooo...that's a big word!) because I'm trying to decide which loomin' birthday I should create for first.....or, in other words........I've had a house full of grown children and their off-spring....all day! haven't had a chance to creep into my haven.
What happened to all this spare time I'm supposed to have, now I've raised my family?
I know that one of my cherished beliefs is that Families Are Forever, but does that mean that they have to be in my livingroom and kitchen
I've heard people moan about their mothers' keeping them tied to their apron strings, but my kids seem to have me on the end of a very short grapplin' hook, and they are all pullin' on it, hand over fist!!

Okay......breathe.......breathe......rant over.

A friend of mine was recently talking about how much she still loves to scrap her photos, and it made me try to think about the last time I actually sat down and made a scrapbook page.
I really can't remember when it was, or even which page I completed, so I went huntin' in my albums........big mistake!
Let's just say we've not had tea!
So, I thought I would show you one of my earliest attempts, so please be kind........I did this one when I had very limited stash.....oh, those were the days, lol!

The happy little chappie is our grandson, Harrison, who was 3 years old at the time, but is now a strappin' 10 year old.......

We were in our back garden, and he was messing about with his baby brother's playmat.......

Harry has always reminded me of a li'l Irish Leprichaun, and my Dad used to call him "The Little Irishman"....think it's the cheeky grin, and amazing blue eyes!........

I think this journal spot describes him, exactly........and still does........

The little piece at the top of the hidden journaling was from a canvas ribbon kit, and I used ordinary staples on the tag (don't think I knew you could get coloured ones, lol)......

The journal tag pulls out, and this is what was hidden....tadaaaa!

I remember how much I enjoyed making this page, and just how involved I get when I'm scrapping.
Which takes me back to what I was saying about families being forever..........I look on scrapbooking as a form of Family History....a way that my descendants can know their ancestors better........a way that I can share some of my feelings about my parents, my husband, my children, my grandchildren.....and, I sincerely hope, my greatgrandchildren.........and even my friends.....a way that I can be instrumental in forging links between the generations.........all because I took photos, put them onto a page, and most importantly wrote the story of the people in the photos.

Oh, I do go on, don't I? lol.......
Thanks for coming by.......I'd be rantin' on my own without ya!

Anne-Marie x

Saturday, 19 March 2011

E.G.G. not!

Hello, and welcome!

We had three beautiful grandchildren born last year, two girls and a boy, and the eldest of them turns one year old, on 5th April........that'll be my little Yvie-Grace!

So, you ask......what does that have to do with the title of this post?
Weeeeell.......her name was going to be Evie-Grace.....pretty name, right?.........but her surname is Greathead...........gettin' it now?

You just couldn't do it to a little, her Mummy (Gillian) came up with the French spelling.....voila!

We've got 6 birthdays coming up in April.......4 in the first few I thought I'd better get a shuffle on, and started with a card for Yvie........hope you like :D.......

The colours in Yvie's room were based on the colours I used in a name plaque that I made for her wall, so I also made a cot quilt in those same colours, and now.....her birthday card just kind of happened in those colours, too......what can I say?.......I like 'em!

This ickle sweetie is from Wee Stamps, and I tried to give her hair the same colour as Yvie's....the colours look a bit washed out, now that I look at the photos........there's a bit of sparkle on the flowers, and on the big bow.........the base and back layer behind the image are kraft card, just for a change........

The cream layer is cut with a Nestie, as are the green this set!.......and the flowers are years old....can ya tell? lol........

Can you see the tiny butterfly?.........had to include some hand-stitchin' on the DP panels, lol........the little flourish was from the same set of Nesties...........

I think the pretty sentiment was a freebie..............

There's another ickle ladybird.......two in one week!.......must be Spring, lol........and how d'ya like those fabby beads?  They are on top of some pink mesh ribbon, stuck on with plain old white craft glue, and those are green Card Candy buttons on the edge.....

.......and, as usual, there's my "signature", coloured to match, on the back...........everything coloured with Promarkers, also as usual. lol......let me know what y' think, won't ya?


Birthday Girl

Use a butterfly

Use Nestabilities

Anne-Marie x

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Rumtruffle's Easter Tag

Hi, and welcome!

I can't believe it's Thursday already........I think there's a big, dark hole in my house, where all my days disappear before I can even do much with 'em!

For those of you with a bit of the Emerald Isle in your blood (me! me!), HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!!
I can't say that it's ever been a big event, here in England, but I do remember having a day off from Catholic school when St. Patrick's Day came around, and Sister Ignatious, (my headteacher, who was an Irish nun) roaming the streets of the neighbourhood to make sure that all her "bold girls" were attending Mass........I'm sure she had eyes in the back and sides of her head!

Well, I had a little time to make an Easter tag, for Helen's monthly tag challenge at

It's probaly going to end up on a card for my Mam, this Easter.........

I didn't have the right colour of card to use as the background, so I used Pastel Yellow Promarker, then used the Cuttlebug Swiss Dots embossing folder on the piece of lilac gingham scrap paper that was in my scrap box, and used a small piece of more scrap paper to layer across the bottom.........

the cute basket was a free digi, as was the Easter freebies!.......and I cut it all out, and whipped out the Promarkers again......finished the basket with some flat-backed pearls (sweeeet), and sparkled up the eggs with glitter pens.........

the flower wreath was cut out from more of those scraps (fiddly, but worth it!), and the flowers were already glittered......see the tiny ladybird?....aaaaawwww!
The tag was finally finished by punching two holes in the top, and threadin' through some sparkly ribbon that I snagged at Hobbycraft.......and there ya go!

Going to Bury Market tomorrow, with my girlies, hopin' to pick up some pretty lace from one of the fantastic stalls......I'll show you if I get any, lol!


Anything goes


Anne-Marie x

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Baptism Boy!

Hello, and welcome!

It's currently 7.20pm on Sunday night, and I am jiggered!  Isn't Sunday supposed to be a day of rest?  Nope, not today, at least, lol.

Our Sacrament meeting seemed to be an extra special one, today........all the speakers were very focused on the Saviour's Atonement, when He freely offered His life in order to redeem every one of us.......always blows me away!
At the end of the meeting, we sang one of my favourite hymns, "I Believe in Christ", which was written by an Apostle, Bruce R. McConkie, and I was moved to tears by the words.......a very strong testimony of the Saviour's love for each of us.

Then, it was time for me to go be Nursery Leader for two hours, which I always enjoy......but, boy did it wear me out!
All the tinies seemed to be especially fractious........not that I really mind wearing chewed apple and snot on my best blouse, :D!

I mentioned a baptism card I made for a little friend....remember?.....well, that little friend is called Connor, and he is a real sweetheart.......he's big for his age, and husky, and has the cheekiest grin, and today was his baptism day....yaaaaay!!

I had to try to keep his card as plain and un-girly as I could, which I thought would be easy.....not!.......

I really wanted to put some blue baker's twine in those buttons, but Connor would think it was I didn't.  lol....

Don't you think Nikki did a fantastic job with this digi stamp?  I absolutely love it, and am so grateful to her.......go MelonHeadz!!
You can see that I tried to keep the colours choices pretty neutral, too........honestly! pickie boys!......girlie's are much easier to create for :).......

.......and the sentiment that Nikki made to go along with the image, is just perfect.........but those buttons do look a bit bare!

Connor really liked his card, so it couldn't be too bad, I suppose :D.

After the baptism, it was home to let out the dog.....she's gettin' on in years, and can't hold her bladder as long as she used to, poor thing......then, over to Olivia's house for birthday cake and presents!
Almost all my kids and grandkids were there, as well as the other set of grandparents, and aunts and uncles, so it was a very noisy affair......just as it always is when we all get together.....VERY noisy!
But, the little princess seemed to have a good time, and she actually smiled when she opened the card I made for her.....wooohooo.....result!!

Hope to see you tomorrow.....

Project for a Male

Anything goes

Keep it Simple

New beginnings

Anne-Marie x

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Pedal pushing

Hello, there, and welcome!

Those crossed fingers 'n' toes must have worked, 'cos I'm feelin' fine.....hope I've not jinxed meself, now, lol!

I finally got to finish Olivia's birthday card.....yaaaaay!
It's her 6th birthday, can hardly believe it.......and she's had a humungous mob of her girlie friends at her house today, having a hair and nails party.....tons of sparkle and hair clips!
Let's hope it all washes out before they arrive at Church, tomorrow, lol!

Here is Livvie's pretty card..........

The base is white textured card, and I layered a piece of soft peach copy paper and two pieces of DP that came free with a card mag......used a Martha Stewart border  punch on some of the same peach copy paper, then put some pretty, sparkly pink ribbon on top....

Here is that really cute stamp from Pink Gem Designs, and I've marked the day with a pink gem (pretty, eh?).......

This image reminds me so much of Olivia, on her bike!  I coloured it up with my fabby Promarkers, used my deckled edge Nesties to layer it up, added some flat-backed pearls.......

and the cute butterfly was stamped with my Martha Stewart cut & stamp this.....

These are my favourite bit......I MADE THEM MYSELF!....I've never tried to make my own flowers before, but I'm really chuffed at how they turned out.  The leaves were punched, then veins were added with an embossing tool....haven't done that before, either, but it was dead simple and what d'ya think?

The whole family will be going to Olivia's house, after Church tomorrow, for birthday cake and gift-giving.....can't wait!

Tomorrow, I'll show you the baptism card I made for a little friend of mine, using the digi stamps I showed you the other, see you then!



Handmade flowers
Anne-Marie x

Friday, 11 March 2011

Another from the forgotten treasure!

Hi there!
Are you having a good day?
Let's say that mine didn't go exactly to plan........I ended up helping daughter #2 with her two sick babies, so got no time to craft!
Yvie-Grace has just turned 11 months, and has been troubled with vomiting and the bummy-runnies for a couple of days, and now she's shared........her 4 year old brother, Finlay, now has the same thing, and their Mummy (Gillian) is looking exhausted....some of you will know how that feels!  They spent the day with me, until it was time to go pick up the two big boys, (Harrison is 10 and William is 7) I'm crossin' fingers 'n' toes that Yvie and Finlay haven't shared with Grandma!!
Now, you don't really want me to go into details of how my day ya?.........nope, didn't think so, lol.

So, not having had a chance to finish the card I started yesterday, I thought I would show the one I made last weekend, when I was trawlin' through all the half-forgotten goodies that were rescued from the's made from the same stuff that I used for the "You Rock" card, which was made on the same day.........

Again, the scrap of DP is from K & Co., as well as the sentiment........used a Martha Stewart border punch on the light green (it's actually plain copy paper that I painted with Perfect Pearls!)....

The base is ribbed kraft, and I cut the dark pink strip with my Fiskar's border punch, then lay the piece of DP across its length, and layered a hand-cut oval of white Bazzill (and ya can tell it's hand-cut from this close-up, lol)that I inked a little, on top of a K & Co. die-cut oval, which was also inked, then popped the sentiment tag on to crown it!

I layered a dark plum coloured Prima flower (on the bottom) with a light blue Heidi Grace one.....and topped them off with this cute embroidered one that was actually cut from a length of multi-coloured flowers that I found in Hobbycraft, where they stock the ribbons and lace.....a bit pricey BUT I got a LOT of flowers, all ready to be cut off as I need them!

Anyway, I hope I can definitely show you the birthday card for Olivia,'s her birthday on Sunday, so I HAVE to finish it, lol!

Take care....

Purple, Aqua, Pale green (hope this qualifies :D)

Use green

Go green

Use Kraft

Anne-Marie x

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hand-drawn digi stamps.

Hi, and welcome!
How's the weather near you?  I've been blown all over the place today......gale-force winds, and very squally showers.....but it was worth going out 'cos I got to spend time with youngest daughter, Leigh-Anne, and her two youngest cherubs, Millie (4 months) and Henry(3 years).  We went on a shopping trip to Hobbycraft, looking for a craft-based gift for Leigh's eldest daughter, Olivia, who turns 6 on Sunday.
Livvie loves to craft, and when they stayed with us while their builders were working on their house, she would refer to "our" craft room.....not Grandma's craft room, but "OUR" craft room! 
I tried sneekin' in there without her.....but she ALWAYS tracked me down!

Couldn't find anything that was a reasonable enough price....everything was SO expensive! she'll be getting the little seat, to go on the back of her little bike, for her dolly to sit in when they go for rides.  I thought her other grandma was buying it, but it seems not, and Livvie wants one, so there you go, lol.

I started a card for Olivia's birthday, but not had time to finish it, so that will be for tomorrow.....hopefully :), if I get the time to finish it.

Well, yesterday I briefly mentioned that I would be showing you the really cute digital images that Nikki over at had made for me.....not that I'm anybody special, (well, yeah, I suppose I am really :D), because she is SO generous about drawing images for anybody who requests cool is that?!

I explained that I have four grandchildren who will turn 8 years old this year, (two boys and two girls) which means that they will be baptized.....and I know that Nikki is LDS, as am I, so I asked if she could draw a boy, and a girl, ready for baptism........and these are what she sent...........

The baptism boy, all ready to go under the water, and the Elder who will baptize him (usually his Daddy)......

The lovely sentiment can go on a card, or even a scrapbook page....I feel a mini-album comin' on :D.......
And here's the girlie, all ready and waiting..........

Aren't they just fabulous?  I can't wait to get started on making cards with 'em.......THANK YOU NIKKI!!

Come back and see me, soon!

Anne-Marie x

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Loving brown and pink....and vanilla!

Hi folks!

So sorry I've been MIA this week.....did ya miss me?
Still trying to squeeze several stores- worth of crafty stash into my very diddy back room, and keep gettin' distracted by long-lost treasure......doesn't take much to distract moi (ha!), which is why I take so long to plan a scrapbook page.....the photos keep gettin' in the way of the actual scrappin' 5 kids and 17 grandkids, don't forget, so that is a whole pile of memory-joggin' piccies....heehee!!

Anyways.....I actually managed to get a card finished today, and found myself reaching for pink, brown and vanilla (all out of the scraps box, Petra!), because I just love the way they go together.
One kind of card that I rarely make (fortunately) is a With Sympathy card, and as I wanted to do this quickly, and had very few tools or stash that I could actually reach (you should see the state the room is in), I cleared a tiny work spot on my desk, and got to work.......

I used a warm cream base card (I think the colour is actually called vanilla) and cut two pieces of DP which were lurkin' in the scraps box (I'm pretty sure these are K & Co.), and layered them onto pieces of scrap dark brown Bazzill.......

I coloured the sentiment with Promarkers, then hand-sewed around it with light green cotton, and cut a Nestie label from more vanilla card, then layered them (with foam tape underneath for lift) on top of the DP and a lacy strip that I cut with my Martha Stewart border punch........

Both pieces of DP have more hand-sewing with the green cotton (took ages, but I likie, lol), and I added three pieces of Card Candy to the bottom.........and, the finishing touch.....which I don't think I've ever shown you, before....... the label that I nearly always put onto the back of my's a digi image that Paulette from Create with TLC made for me, as a prize for one of her challenges........I use those trusty Promarkers to colour them to match the individual cards.....pretty, eh?

As always, I would love to hear what you think of my latest little offering.....and, tomorrow, I'll show you something really cute that Nikki from made for don't forget to come back and see me!

No flowers

Anything goes

Anne-Marie x

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Sweet Saturday!

Oh, I am so glad it's Saturday!

I have had the entire day to myself, and have enjoyed every minute.....woooohooo!

I spent about an hour going over my preparations for my Nursery class, at Church, tomorrow. and really enjoyed reading the scriptures that will set the scene for what I want to bring to my little friends.........we are learning about how Heavenly Father and Jesus love us........and I have some fun songs, and activities lined up.  Got to love those little people!  They are aged from 18 months, and our "big" boy just turned 3 years, last 'em to bits!

So.......what did I re-discover to play with today?
More embellishments that must have been left over from a kit.........I kind of vaguely remember them, and think they may have been from K & Co., but don't quote me on that, lol.

Here's what I came up with...............

It really made a change to make a card without an image, and that just relies on the sentiment to make the impact......

It's been an age since I made a different kind of opening, too, so I really enjoyed doing this.......

I think I'm going to send this one to a friend, to invite her for lunch.......last time we lunched together, we skipped the main course and had two desserts.......she's definitely my kind of girlie!!  :D

Just before I sign off, I want to tell you about the great challenge that Helen over at is running all year......she has a monthly theme, and March's challenge is to make an Easter Tag and she has some lovely stuff for the winner........I should know just how lovely because I won the February challenge with this little you remember it?.....

I've still got to make a card around it, to give to my Mam for Mothers' Day!  Good job it's late this year, in England.....3rd April, which is also my baby sister's birthday....better get crackin' then, lol.

Thanks for keeping me company,

Lovely challenges:

Anything Goes

Anything Goes

Anything Goes

Anne-Marie x

Friday, 4 March 2011

Not such a Catastrophe, then!

Hope you are all having a great Friday!

A great big, warm, happy welcome to my two newest followers........Doreen and Jackie......that's you!
I am so very glad you decided to join us :D

Update on the thing that happened that I still can't talk about without grittin' my teeth .............

Our next door neighbour is a builder.....although I have my suspicions about that, because he needed help to put up his new garden gate (?).........but I pointed out to him that our stable roof had fallen in, and told him.....a tad sarcastically...... what Ken had said about the squirrels and pigeons  He looked up at the roof, squinting, the way men do when they are weighing-up something, and then, turning back to me, gave his considered opinion...........

"Big buggers, round 'ere", then ambled off to his own, pristine, stable!

Oh well.......I'm choosing to find something good about this whole situation.
I had no choice but to spend yesterday hauling most of my goodies back to the house, having rescued them from the rubbish-strewn mess that used to be my haven..........I'm flabbergasted at just how much stuff I have!! 
(But will deny all knowledge, if you breathe a word in the presence of he-who-is-still-in-the-rabbit-hutch!)

The best thing is, I "discovered" all kinds of things that I had forgotten I ever had........and, I'm almost ashamed to say, some of it was still in its wrapping!  I say "almost ashamed" because I bet I'm not the only crafter who is guilty of this........come on.....'fess up! :D

Which now leads me, nicely, into showing you todays card.......made completely from stuff I re-discovered!

I kind of remember buying this stuff, years ago, and think it was from a kit called Deena's Cards.......I just used Tim Holtz Distressing Ink around the scraps of paper........


added some pretty lace and some little mulberry flowers............

tied some scraps of ribbon, and gave myself a pat on the back!

I re-discovered quite a few bits and pieces that I've had for yonks, but am looking at in a different watch this space, heehee!

Anne-Marie x