Friday, 25 March 2011

Just a little 'un!

Hi, and welcome!

We have had several really beautiful, warm and sunny Spring days, and today was not an exception........and I'm too warm!
We topped out at 18 degrees C (can't remember how much that is in old money, lol) and it was a little uncomfortable for me........I really should have been born even further north!
When the sun comes out, I can feel my freckles startin' to sizzle :D

Anyway, let's get on to the little card I wanted to show to you............I realized that I never seem to have any "just in case" cards ready......y'know, for when you just want to send a few words to somebody, but want it to be in a little card and not just a, here's one I made earlier..........

I'm still nowhere near the bottom of my scraps box (es), lol, so the whole card was made using bits and pieces that I found in there......the base is card with stripes and roses, very pretty, and I layered a frame that was from an kit I had, years ago.........

The bow is a piece of green velvet that turned out to be exactly the right length and width to make this little cute is that?.......

and the sentiment is printed on vellum with a few dots of sparkle added, and layered onto a scrap of stripey card with deckled edges......the pretty little lace flower has a pearl in the centre, to finish off.......

I think this little 'un would do as a "saying hello", or "just because" card....let me know what ya think, and I'll be back tomorrow!

Anne-Marie x


  1. What a sweet card. So dainty and pretty.

    I see that great minds think alike - we both changed to the same new blog background. I thought I'd clicked back on to my own blog at first. Doesn't take much to toy with my brain some days. lol

  2. what a very cute card, I love it :) well done Anne marie :)

  3. Thanks for your wonderful blog.

  4. Hey sis,
    I've awarded you the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find the details at my blog:


  5. Love it! you have a lovely scrap box AM...might have to reach into it from this side :) as soon as mine is empty...of course... LOL! Beautiful card, and I love the sentiment :)

  6. Great card . . . especially as you've made it from your scrap box. Great use of your scraps.
    Hugs, Sandra