Friday, 25 February 2011

Going "pretty"!

Happy Friday!

Before I say anything else, I want to thank all you Lovelies who left such comforting words, yesterday, after my major whinge......I'm over it, and your comments certainly helped......thank you :).

It also helped that I was out and about with my best buddies, last night.......ate too much, talked too much, and laughed 'til I ached!!
Aren't friends wonderful?  I've known this trio for 32 years, and I'm the "baby" of the group.....they are all waaaaaay older than me (ha!).....but last night was to celebrate Pat's 60th birthday, and the fact that she, and her hubby Robert, will beleaving us, in June, for 3 years.
Robert has recently been assigned as the new Mission President for the Manchester, England Mission of our church, which means they will coordinate the day-to-day missionary work for a huge area of Northern England, and North Wales, for the next 3 years.  They will also be responsible for the daily welfare of a few hundred young men, young women, and older missionary couples, in that area.
It's a huge responsibility, and they have very mixed feelings, at the moment.........but they feel it's their turn to serve, and I know they will be equal, with the Lord's help, to all the tasks set before them.
I firmly believe that whom the Lord calls, He also qualifies.

Okay, my Lovelies.....on to today's creation........

I didn't have any reason to make this one......the cute image has been sitting on my desk for ages, and today just seemed the right time to do something with it...........

This is the's a kind of envelope, fastened through from the back to the front with the pink ribbon.......

I used my trusty Promarkers to colour the sweet cuties, and put them on a piece of scrap DP that was also lying on my desk (d'you get I'm a tad untidy?)........

I think the sentiment was a freebie.....layered onto a scrap of green card, then coloured with Blush Promarker, and layered onto the pink stripy, which is actually a sticker........left some room to write a message to the recipient (when I decide who that is :D)......

Thought the cuties needed some sweet flat-backed pearls to pretty 'em up.........

And there y' go!

Sweet, eh?  Too sweet?  Tell me what you think.....

Challenges I'm entering:

Use green

Ribbons and Bows

Things with wings

Anne-Marie x

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Out of "The Zone"!

Hello, and welcome!

Seems ages since I last posted something, but life just gets that way, sometimes, don't you think? :D

I don't think you would have enjoyed my company, the last few days......had been to the hospital for my yearly check-up for the lymphodema in my left arm, and was upset by the results.

For those of you who may not know.......I had breast cancer (will be 4 years come June), and my surgeon removed all the lymph nodes in my left armpit, which then led to me getting swelling in my arm because the toxins have nowhere to go, unless I keep up my exercises, and simple lymphatic massage.

I do both, without fail, every day.......but sometimes, if I've spent too much time picking up grandchildren, hoovering, pushing a heavy shopping trolley around the supermarket, or anything else that puts my arm under pressure, then I get swelling and lots of discomfort.

It doesn't usually bother me, because I always say it's a small price to pay for still being here.......right?
But, sometimes............sometimes it gets to me......and this week was one of those times.
I now have to go back to the clinic in 6 months, instead of a year, because my arm is significantly more swollen than it was, at my last visit.  The breast-care nurse keeps saying I should wear a compression sleeve.......and it's that that upsets me..........

Wearing one of those things would mean I can never "get away" from the constant reminder that I've had cancer........

As I said.......sometimes, just sometimes, it gets to me.

OK.........whinge over, folks!

A couple of weeks ago, Christy from Tiddly Inks asked if any of her followers would do a favour for her?  She has a friend who is turning 40, and Christy  wanted as many birthday cards made for her as possible.........she gave us a couple of digi images to play with....and this is what I came up with......which took me almost completely out of "the zone" that I usually like to be in, when I'm creating something!

Christy's friend likes red, black, and white........

I really struggled with this one.........

The image is called "Kellie", so I'm guessin' that's what the birthday girl is called, and this is what she looks like :) The white spots on her top and boots are white glaze pen, and the red sparkle on her tights is made with a Sakura sparkly gel pen.......wish I was brave enough to wear 'em!

I added some red handstitching around the black DP (DP is from DCWV The Stack), and some red glitter to the centre of the flowers, on the border.
Did a bit of recycling with the huge red came off a box of choccies I gave my Mam!

Now, I'm off out to have dinner with Pat (remember she just turned 60?), and two other good friends......wonder how many ProPoints are in chocolate truffle pudding?

Some challenges:
Colour - black, white and one other colour (mine is red)

Anything Goes

Use ribbon

Anne-Marie x

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Me.....and Alfie Boe

Hello, there!

I've spent the afternoon with Alfie Boe........he's sung to me, over and over, and I've melted like warm chocolate.....aahhhh.

Ok, ok,........I've been playing his latest album while I've been making a card....did'cha have to burst my bubble, eh, eh?
Ken bought me the 25th Anniversary edition DVD of Les Miserables, for Christmas, and Alfie's voice in the part of Jean Valjean just makes me weak at the knees, so when I saw his latest album, would have been rude to leave it on the shelf, wouldn't it? :D

So, did I make a romantic card while I oozed all over my chair, as Alfie serenaded me?
Nah.......made a cheeky birthday card for my old mate, Pat......and I DO mean old (good job she doesn't read blogs!)...because it will be her 60th on 26th I REALLY hang out with people who are 60..........YEP.......and will be joinin' their ranks, come the end of June.....waaaaaahhhh!!!!

I've known Pat for 32 years, so I know she'll laugh when she sees this old girlie........

Pat would never dress like this, and the over-the-top bling is definitely not her thing.........but........I couldn't resist sprinklin' all these micro beads on the old girl's bag, stick and luvverly shoes! 

I've always made a "thing" about the fact that I AM YOUNGER than her......ok, only by 4 months.....and 1 day.......but that DOES make me I HAD to make a feature of her birth-date......well, ya would, wouldn't cha?

So, this is the finished product........

Definitely had to do some hand-sewing, on the green Bazzil, and around the image, because Pat is a keen needle-woman.......she made my Joanne's wedding dress........but I'm hoping she doesn't look too closely at my stitchin'.......heehee.

Hope you're doing okay, today.....thanks for dropping in.....

Some challenges:
Show Us What You Got

Add Shine

Use a punch (I used Martha Stewart Around the Page)

Anything Goes

Challenge #7 Dots

Anne-Marie x

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Free digi stamp....but be quick!

Hi, and welcome!

Just thought I'd pop in and let you know about a new blogger who is giving away a gorgeous digi stamp, if you become a follower.
She's Sylvia and you can find her here

The free stamp you'll receive is the l'il cutie over on the left.....isn't she gorgeous?

She's based in Edinburgh, Scotland, and has started a new range of stamps called Wee Stamps, and they are absolutely fabulous.

You have to be quick,  though, if you want the freebie.....register as a follower before noon GMT tomorrow........ruuuunnnn!

Anne-Marie x

Monday, 14 February 2011

Go Bloggers!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I bet you'll agree with of the very best things about having a blog, and being a follower on other people's blogs, is that you get to "meet" so many really great people.
I started to blog as a way of boosting my own confidence......I'm actually quite a shy person (no, honestly, I am!).....and have made cards and scrapbook pages for donkies years.......but only for my own enjoyment, or to give to family members.  I always thought, (and still do, if I'm honest), that even my nearest and dearest just indulge my "little hobby", and accept my offerings because it makes me happy.

Yet, I've found, in the couple  of months that I've been posting some of my creations, that other people genuinely think that the results of my efforts are okay, and even acceptable.......and I can't tell you what a kick that gives me!

Here's where I have to make an of my lovely blogging friends sent me an award, a couple of weeks ago.....and I forgot to post about it!!  How could I do that, when it meant so much to me????
So, my lovely know who you are :)......please accept my apology.
It was only when another lovely blogger, Ali from sent me the same award, that I realized my BIG boo-boo!

So,  my TWO lovely, thoughtful new friends, I gratefully accept the award, and hereby follow the rules of acceptance:

Here are the rules for the Liebster award, and the list of five bloggers I'm sharing it with:

1) Accept it, write a post about it and display it.

2) Pass it on to 3-5 fabulous but yet unknown blogs [not ones with large amounts of followers] and tell them they have been awarded the love blog award.

3) Link back to the person who awarded it to you.

The aim is to bring other great, but relatively unknown, blogs into the spotlight.  Isn't that a great idea?

Now, I have to nominate 3-5 other great bloggers for this award......easy-peasy, heehee.....

Pamela over at  She's a fabulous blogger, and you'll love her photos and creations.
Nikki, found here  Nikki is a fantastic digi artist....go see her...she has freebies!
Leanne at  Always got something fun to share.....she's a great artist, too!
Sarah here She takes you with her on her journey to make her home more beautiful...and she will make you laugh out loud!
Colette at  This is a lovely lady who wants to scrap to leave treasured memories for her family...and she's a LOT of fun, too :)

Hope you can make the time to go and visit each of these talented won't be sorry!

Anne-Marie x

Friday, 11 February 2011

Love is in the air!

Hello, and I'm so glad you could drop in :)

Ken and I have been married for almost 42 years.........and NO, that doesn't make us old ..........we married the day after my 18th birthday....I know, I know........and Ken had turned 20 that same week......but we were in what can I say?
Anyway, to get to the point........we still are in luuuuurve, but don't really do the Valentine's thing....sometimes I might receive a small bunch of flowers, and yes, he is the sort of man who buys them from the petrol station......but it's never been a big deal if we just ignore it.
BUT....that was before I really got into cardmaking!  So, I'm going to surprise him with a card (don't's not too luvvy-dovey :).....and will buy him a BIG bag of Midget Gems, his favourite sweets.....see, told you it's never a big deal......and don't think that I've let the cat out of the bag by telling you, here, because he NEVER reads it!

So, here's what I came up with.....I'm thinkin' it will make him smile, putting him in a good mood, because I chose this particular image with a purpose in mind......

Here's the ickle man......all tooled up......

Did you notice the title on his hard-hat........

and Ken knows I love him dearly........sooooooooooo............
I'm hoping this ickle fella, and the Midget Gems, will help me to persuade Ken to.......


Sorry.....was I shouting?
Think he'll get the message? 

Here's some challenges:


Just Add Love


Use the word LOVE


Something for your Valentine

Anything Goes

Clean & Simple

Anne-Marie x

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Mothers Day Tag Challenge

Hello, again, and welcome!

I got all excited today, because I really enjoyed making this little tag to enter into Helen's monthly tag challenge, over at
I've been following Helen for a while now, and she always has something fun to talk about, or to show, but this is the first time I've entered one of her challenges.

Making the tag also gave me a head start on making a card for my Mam, for Mothers Day, which btw is in March, here in the UK.
All I'll have to do is make a background card to put this little 'un onto....but making the tag was the fun bit, lol! I might even use it as the gift tag for her present.......hhmmmm...have to think about that one, lol.

The image is called Molly Blooms and was a free stamp with last month's Simply Cards & Papercraft, and I just had to use her, because my Mam used to wear a turban, while doing her cleaning, when I was a little 'un.....and she'd thump me for telling you that!

How do you like the little fabric yo-yo?  I made a little pile of them, last night, while watching telly........just got the urge, but didn't know what to do with them, and then....lightbulb moment! stuck a button on one, and there it is! 

The "lace" is actually the paper waste from a roll of paper lace, but I couldn't bear to throw it away, lol :) and just knew it would come in handy, sometime.

The sentiment is a metal charm that I've had for ages.....was silver, so coloured with permanent marker to match......and I love that it says "cherish" because I really want to cherish my Mam, even more than I used to, since my Dad passed away.

Hope you're all doing well, and please come in and see me again!

Here's another challenge...
Gift tags


Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Still losing "after-baby" weight!

Hello, and welcome!

I think I'm in trouble.........I'm still struggling to lose the weight I gained when I was expecting my last quite a bit extra that just hopped on for the ride :(

Er.....did I mention that my last baby is now 22 years old? 
I try, I really do, and most weeks I lose a pound or two.....I'm doing Weightwatchers (again!)......but, some days I am just soooooooooo fed-up of having to be totally aware of everything I put into my mouth.........and then.......I lose it!!!
Put a pound back on, when I got weighed last night.......ggrrrrrrrr..........but back on track, now, and having delicious home-made spicy tomato and butternut soup, with crusty bread, for dinner.........mmmmmmmm!

Well, all that talk of deliciousness (is that a real word?) must have influenced this card, because I went for the blue and CHOCOLATE colour combo, again, lol!
This was made for my middle daughter's birthday, next week.
Her baby girl, Yvie-Grace, has just turned 10 months,(fourth child) and Gillian (middle daughter) has done soooooo well, getting back into shape......she works out, at the gym, regularly.....and the results are fabulous......Go Gillian!!!

The papers are from NitWits (free with Simply Cards & Papercrafts) and I love 'em...must buy some more....and the very flexible young lady is another free digi, but can't remember where I snagged her.....I HAVE started to record where I get 'em from ...honestly :) The image and sentiments are coloured with my funky Promarkers (bet y'didn't guess, lol).

I think the sentiment will make her smile in agreement.......don't you?

The sparkly brown heart is from my stash, and so is the pretty brown lace.....I think they soften the whole effect, which might have looked a bit cold without them.
What d'ya think.....I can take it.....I'm a big, isn't that where I came in :)

Some challenges:)

Anything Goes

Give Us Your Heart


Birthday challenge

Anne-Marie x

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Come in, and meet MelonHeadz!

Happy Sunday!

Today has been a lovely day........our newest grandaughter, Millie, had her Blessing Day.
Our Church doesn't baptize babies.....we wait until a child is 8 years old, and can make up their own mind, before we ask them if they will be baptized.
But, when a baby is born we have a special Blessing Day, where the child is blessed by (usually) its Daddy, and other male members of its family who have the Priesthood.  It's always a beautiful experience, to hear the father pronounce a special prayer while holding his baby, and officially naming him or her, for the records of the Church.
Millie had her Daddy, her Grandad, 4 uncles, and 2 close family friends in her prayer circle.....very special!  Millie is 11 weeks old....beautifully blonde, with bright blue eyes.....and today she wore a simple white dress, with white tights.....and looked adorable!

I wanted to let you know about a fantastic (new to me) blog that I came across, last night.  It's run by a young Mummy named Nikki, and she is a very talented illustrator.  She generously gives free digis to anyone who wants them, and will even do one to your specification!  How cool is that?  Pop over and see for yourself here

Here's another's for a young lady who recently asked to become my penpal...she wanted to know about my favourite hobbies, so I combined two of making her a CARD with an image about QUILTING, lol.

I layered a piece of DP onto dark brown Bazzil card (everything I used is from my mountain of scraps...slowly gettin' smaller, lol), then lay the striped paper across.....used the same brown cardstock to cut a lacey square label (Nestie), then used my funky Promarkers to colour up the luvley-jubley image (she's a PCCrafter image).....did some hand backstitching around the edges in blue cotton, (seems to have become a bit of a "thing", this stitching lark)......

didn't have a brown flower, so used a Promarker (luv 'em) to colour a white one, added a spotty cream flower, then again, didn't have the right colour blue card candy to put in the centre, and up the side of the image, so used...........

chewing gum.........naw :)......coloured white ones with....guess?

I'm entering this one here for their Chocolate and Blue challenge....wish me luck!

And here for their Add stitching challenge.

Anne-Marie x

Saturday, 5 February 2011

First.......READ THE RULES!

Hello, and welcome!

I felt a total dibdob (grandkids' favourite word), when a lovely lady from a challenge blog left a comment on my last post....don't bother looking....I deleted it.....letting me know, in the nicest possible way, that the card I had submitted to their challenge had been disqualified!!
Oh, eckie thump (Lancashire dialect :D), what had I done??
Well, it's simple....I DIDN'T read the rules properly....the challenge called for a card with spots, stripes, AND EMBOSSING.....and the card I showed you on my last post only had the first two.  I live and learn :D

Today, instead of a card, I thought I would let you take a peek at an acrylic Christmas mini album I made, but haven't yet put photos into.
I struggled with getting the photos taken, because it wouldn't stand up, the way I thought it would, and the pages are a bit busy....well, see what you think.....

Each "page" is quite thick acrylic, with patterned paper and cardstock, for journaling and photo mounts.......

The Rudolph, Snowman and Father Christmas were all cut from Sizzix dies, as well as the holly leaves......

Red gems were used on the holly, and Rudolph's nose!  The Snowman and Father Christmas are on smaller pieces of acrylic, cut into different shapes, just to give a bit of variety.......

I inked around each page with brown Stazon ink, added strips of ribbon here and there.......

I added a star to the longest page (each page is slightly different in length and width), and coloured it yellow with a permanent marker.....sorry, don't know how to turn this photo around :(........dibdob!......

and now it's ready for those photos.......when I get around to, let me know what'cha think!

I didn't think there'd be a challenge I could enter this into....but....just READ THE RULES......and would like to enter it here
Christmas trees

Bye for now,

Anne-Marie x

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Need some TLC?

Hi, how are you doing?
I've really not been feeling very well since the weekend, and haven't had the energy to do very much of anything....are you feelin' sorry for me yet? :)
My grandchildren are being raised to know how to share, and they do........which is how I got the stinkin' cold and sore throat!

Anyway, I did manage to drag myself into my craft room, yesterday ;D and created this card for somebody who has recently had a HUGE operation, and is now on the road to recovery....just a little "get well quicker" card........

I used scraps of paper from my still HUGE to make loads more cards before I even make a dent in it, lol......did a little handstitching on the blue spotty.....added some lovely green ric-rac.....coloured the little freebie nursie with Promarkers.....

used another freebie for the sentiment, which I lightly coloured (the white background looked too stark).....did more handstitching around the sentiment (so relaxing to do this)......

and added three little buttons.....and she's ready to send off to the invalid!
D'ya like the sentiment?  Makes you think......mmmmmm......don't you agree?

Well, I'm hoping to get some crafting time tomorrow, but I'm not going to hold my house guests, which I'll tell you more about, later :)

I'm  entering this card here Anything Goes

and here Spots, Stripes, Dots

Thanks for stopping by!

Anne-Marie x