Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Is it over, already?

Hello there!

It hasn't gone, has it?  It can't be.........sob!
I just love everything about the Christmas Season, even all the rushing about, trying to get everything ready so that a good time is had by all...........but, for me the best of all are the quieter moments, when I can reflect on the real reason for the season.
It was important for Hubby and I to bring up our children so that they had a personal relationship with Our Saviour, Jesus Christ, and it thrills me and humbles me to know that all 17 of our grandchildren are being taught in the same way.

But we also enjoy all the other trappings of Christmas.......and here is a picture of all 29 Christmas stockings, hanging from our fireplace, to prove it!

Father Christmas gets very weary after filling this little lot!

Now, on to a little card.
I made this cutie for my grandaughter, Alexandra's 7th birthday, tomorrow.

The little cutie digi was a freebie from SJ's Little Musings...the papers and pretty pink flower  were from Kaisercraft's Hey Birdie....and I used Create-a-Flake #1 for the snowflakes......add some sprinkles of Fairy Dust, and...voila!
Hope she likes it!

I'd like to enter this card in these challenges:

Challenge #30 Pink Winter Birthday


Anything Goes

Anything Goes Birthday Card


See you soon.

Anne-Marie x

Thursday, 23 December 2010

New challenge

Hi there!

Here is a card that I made for one of my sons-in-law, Ian.

How easy do you find it to make something for the men in your life?
I have two sons, and was always frustrated by the lack of choice I always had when it came to buying clothes, or toys, or anything else, for that matter!
No problem with my three girlies, but always a problem with the boys, and I think that also goes for greetings cards, too.

I'd like to enter this in Scrapbook Sisters Challenge #16
"It's a Man's World".

Isn't it, though.....lol

Merry Christmas to you all!


Monday, 20 December 2010

Lovely surprises!

I don't seem to be blogging as often as I'd like, and I have to say that I am in total awe of all those diligent bloggers, out there, who seem to stay on top of their fun places.
I'm just not that organised, and probably never will be....more's the pity :(

But......just like most other people, I LOVE to get surprises, and yesterday I was gifted this little digi beauty by Paulette, over on Create with TLC

How neat is that?  Earlier in the evening, I'd also been lucky enough to win a really cute set of her Word Art numbers, which will get a LOT of use for birthday cards........always need those with my 17 grandchildren!

I'm really looking forward to spending time with our eldest grandaughter, Hannah, tomorrow.  She's 16, and since she was 2 years old, we have made mince pies together, a few days before Christmas, and we share them with the rest of our clan, when we all gather here, on Christmas Eve, to have supper and hang our stockings.

Maybe more about that tomorrow!

Thank you so much for stopping by........I'd be very lonely without you!

Warm Hugs,
Anne-Marie x

Saturday, 11 December 2010

I was feautered on Create with TLC!

Oh my!  I could hardly believe it when Paulette sent me an email to tell me my Shepherd Boy card was on her blog!!

It is SO nice to get a little encouragement, and I'm determined, now to carry on and try to make some more, maybe later in the week.

It WILL have to be later in the week because I am going to be really busy.......aren't we all at this tiime of year?
But, with Leigh and Co. leaving, my house is in an awful state, and I really have to get organized.  I keep finding more of their stuff, and the pile is growing...lol!

I have to admit, last night was VERY quiet around here, and this morning was surreal....no chubby-faced grandchildren running into our bedroom to ask for CBeebies to be put on telly!!

We always have a Carol Concert at our Church, first weekend in December, and all the local dignitaries are invited.....it's a BIG affair......and last night, our 7 year old grandson, William, stepped into "Joseph's" sandals when the little boy who had rehearsed the part didn't turn up.  Let me just mention that William could have stepped into ANYBODY'S part, because he knew everyone's script....honestly!
His Mum took a photo of him and "Mary", and fell about laughing because "Joseph" had determinedly turned away from his bride "because she is SO bossy!"

Well, all the heavy snow we had last week has now completely melted, but the forecast is for more next week.....yippeeeeee......I LOVE the white stuff, and have always said that I could easily live in Alaska, Iceland, or any of those brrrrrrr places, 'cos I prefer winter to summer, any day!

Keep warm, and come back soon!

Warm Hugs,
Anne-Marie x

Friday, 10 December 2010

Shepherd Boy Christmas Card

Hi again!

This is a FIRST for me........I've never posted one of my cards before, and I'm very nervous about it, but here goes.......hope you like!

I'm not very happy about the picture quality (something else I need to get the hang of lol), but hope you can get the general idea.

The shepherd boy image was a freebie from lovely Paulette, over at TLC, (not sure how to put links in here, but you can find her on my blog roll), and I used Shapeabilities Create-a-Flake #1 for the snowflakes, which I inked with my lovely new Promarker (Satin). 
The gorgeous papers were freebies with this month's Simply Cards & Papercrafts.  Did a little hand -sewing around the main image, and.......voila!
In case like me, you love Promarkers, but find the sets a bit pricey, take a look at Pink Gems store, because you can buy them singly, and, last time I looked, the postage is free in the UK.  She has really lovely and cute digi images, loads of inspiration, and tons of goodies that you'll love!  Fast service, too, which always helps.

Our youngest daughter, Leigh-Anne (Millie's Mummy), and her husband and 3 other children have been staying here for the past 4 months, because they've had tons of building work done on their own house.
It's been very crowded here, but we've had a lot of fun....a lot of tears (mostly Hubbie's!).....and little Millie born almost 5 weeks ago......BUT......today, they moved back home........which means................I CAN PUT UP MY CHRISTMAS DECS!!!!


And, before you ask why I didn't do it sooner, let me tell you............................we downsized when the kids started to marry, and we now have bigger gardens, and even a little stable block........but a much smaller house, and soooooooo........with 8 people in here, there just wasn't room for the tree, the snowglobes, the sleigh, the Christmas figures etc.etc..........not when we have a moses basket, a nursing chair, a baby toiletries box (HUGE), nappy bag, etc.etc.
It was fun while it lasted, and I'm really going to miss them, but it's going to be wonderful to be able to leave half a choccie biscuit on a plate, and still find it there when I get back!!

Bye for now, and thanks for keeping me company.
ps Let me know what you think of the card!

Anne-Marie x

Sunday, 5 December 2010

I've got wonderful Followers! Whoohooo!!!

I can't believe just how long it's been since I posted something here..............but, when I explain, perhaps I can be forgiven :)

First of all, let me say WELCOME to Christy and Naomi...........it's truly wonderful that you have joined me here, and perhaps we can learn and share together. lol

Remember that we had a beautiful grandson, Bevan, 7 weeks ago?
Weelll.........that's mostly why I've not been taking the time to grow my blog..........he's been extremely ill with a far too rapid heartbeat, and we've all been really worried about the poor ickle fella.
He's spent most of the past 7 weeks in hospital....two weeks in ICU.....and when he gets one of his "episodes" (which were coming 3 or 4 times a day) they have to plunge his tiny head in a bucket of ice!!!!

Sounds barbaric, BUT it works, and is the quickest way to get his heart-rate back to normal.

I've been helping his Mummy and Daddy, any way I can, and have been deeply touched, and humbled, by the very many prayers, and fast days, on behalf of our beautiful boy.

And now we also have our gorgeous little Millie, born to our youngest daughter and her husband, and she is their 4th baby.
She's adorable, and if you stick with me, you'll get to know these two latest additions to our Eternal Family!

As for cardmaking, and scrapping...........well...........not had very much time, but managed to help out my Relief Society presidency by making the front and back covers for recipe books, which will be given as gifts to all the ladies, at our Christmas Party.

I think I've sorted out how to upload my work...............so watch this space!!

Thanks for stopping by......it was getting lonely around here :D


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

New Addition

The last few days have been really busy.
First, and most importantly, our new grandson was born, on Sunday 17th October.  |His name is Bevan Jonathan, and he is just adorable!
This makes 10 grandsons for us, and we are expecting our 7th grandaughter in just a few days.
How blessed are we??
I've also been helping my Mam to choose a memorial stone for my Dad's grave.
I've had to let everyone think that I'm okay with this, but it hurts like heck!

I've done the samples for my neice's birthday party invites, but her Mum hasn't been to collect them, yet, so I don't knowwhere I stand with getting them made.
She's going to have to hurry, though, because I've got tons to do for Christmas!

I've sent off my first set of cards to my Secret Pal, and just hope that she enjoys them.  She hasn't posted anything about herself on Paper Craft Planet, so I was working in the dark.
I also haven't yet received anything from my own SP, but Cole (the lady who is running the challenge) has posted that some people have dropped out, so, with my luck, mine was one of those!

Is it obvious that I'm feeling a bit down today?
Got lots on my mind, but nothing I can do about it, so, feeling sorry for myself.
I'll get over it.


Thursday, 14 October 2010

Rubber stamps 'n' Digi stamps

Are you a rubber stamper?  I have at least a hundred, and that's not including the clear stamps that I just couldn't resist!
I find, nowadays, that I'm always short of time, so, as much as I like and enjoy rubber stamping, I recently decided to make a stamped impression of all my favourites, then scanned the images (on A4 paper) into my trusty comp, then it's easy-peasy to print off what I want to use, but with the added bonus of being able to adjust the size, colour, or even shape of them!
Neat, or what?
If you have some crafty tips, then please come in and share them with me.....it would be lovely to have company!


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Mish Mash: Friendship Jar Holiday Fillers

Mish Mash: Friendship Jar Holiday Fillers: "After much anticipation I am happy to announce that Papertrey will be releasing a Friendship Jar Holiday Fillers stamp set on the 15th of th..."

Secret Pals

I'm happy to say that I'm a member of the wonderful Planet Crafts, and have recently signed up, in one of the groups I joined (Anything Goes), as a Secret Pal.
The idea is that I send at least 5 cards to my SP over the next year, but can't reveal who I am until the big Reveal, in 12 months, but I also receive at least 5 cards from my own SP (who is another person)!
I'm so excited about this, but I'm also a bit nervous, because, as I've said before, I'm rather shy about my little creations.
Oh well, I'll have to bite the bullet.....y' think?

Still not had time to figure out how I put pics of my cards on my blog, but I'm workin' on it :).

Had a grandson due to be born yesterday, but no signs yet......come on Baby Edward, Grandma needs ahug!

Talk soon,

Saturday, 9 October 2010

little-applefalls: Not quite ready, yet :)

little-applefalls: Not quite ready, yet :)

Not quite ready, yet :)

Hello, again,
Well, it's Saturday afternoon, and I've just finished a small fold-up photo wallet that I saw on SplitCoast Stampers.
Have you ever visited them?  They have some really great stuff, lots to learn, and are very generous with freebies, so give them a whirl......don't think you'll be disappointed!
I'm also just about to start a Star Wars bookmark for my grandson, George.  He brought his reading book home from school, (he's 7), and was distraught because he'd had a scrap of paper to mark his place, and it had fallen out!  Poor love :)
I'm still trying to figure out how to get am image of some of my makes onto my blog......told you it might get a bit messy!....so don't give up on me, yet, pretty please.
Y' never know, I might just manage it!

Hugs for now,
Anne-Marie x

Friday, 8 October 2010

Dashing about!

Hi, again!
What kind of day have you been having?
I enjoyed some shopping time with my Mam, and my three daughters, with two of my youngest grandkids in tow.  Talk about "Wagons Roll"!
We lost my lovely Dad in July, and Mam is doing really well, adjusting to being on her own.  Fortunately, we all live quite close by, so she's never really short of company.
In fact, this is one of the reasons I've decided to change a few things about my life.
My family has always taken so much of my time, but I think I need to reach for some of those dreams I've carried in my head for so long.
So, one of those dreams is to engross myself, daily, in doing something creative, and cardmaking is shouting out from my little craft room!
With 5 children, their wives or husbands, 15 grandchildren (2 more due in the next few days), a lovely hubby, 2 sisters, 2 brothers, all with spouses, and a few good friends.....phew!!.......I certainly need to keep the cards coming.
My sister-in-law has asked me to make invitations for my neice's 30th birthday, too, so I really need to get cracking!
I'm going to try to upload a card, tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Warm hugs,
Anne-Marie x

Thursday, 7 October 2010

A New Start!

Hi There!

As the title of this post suggests, I'm making some changes, hoping to learn something new, putting old upsets behind me, and, hopefully, going to make some new friends, through this blog!
I'm always moaning that I never get enough time to myself (HUGE family!), but that's one of the first things on my To-Do List.
I really enjoy following some very talented people on the blogs that I visit, and I'm taking my cue from them..............they make the time to create some wonderful cards, and scrapbook layouts, and then they are generous enough to share them with people like you and me.
I have never created something, and then uploaded it, sssoooooooo......I'm hoping you will visit with me and kind of urge me along :)
Maybe we'll learn together.............so, what d'you think?
I have to warn you, though..............I'm quite an experienced cardmaker and scrapper....BUT.....I've never been a blogger before, so this could get messy!!!!
Also, I'm shy and uncertain about anything I create, so this is a MASSIVE step for me to take.
Anybody out there interested in coming along for the ride?
I'd LOVE the company :)

Warm hugs,