Thursday, 7 October 2010

A New Start!

Hi There!

As the title of this post suggests, I'm making some changes, hoping to learn something new, putting old upsets behind me, and, hopefully, going to make some new friends, through this blog!
I'm always moaning that I never get enough time to myself (HUGE family!), but that's one of the first things on my To-Do List.
I really enjoy following some very talented people on the blogs that I visit, and I'm taking my cue from them..............they make the time to create some wonderful cards, and scrapbook layouts, and then they are generous enough to share them with people like you and me.
I have never created something, and then uploaded it, sssoooooooo......I'm hoping you will visit with me and kind of urge me along :)
Maybe we'll learn, what d'you think?
I have to warn you, though..............I'm quite an experienced cardmaker and scrapper....BUT.....I've never been a blogger before, so this could get messy!!!!
Also, I'm shy and uncertain about anything I create, so this is a MASSIVE step for me to take.
Anybody out there interested in coming along for the ride?
I'd LOVE the company :)

Warm hugs,

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