Saturday, 11 December 2010

I was feautered on Create with TLC!

Oh my!  I could hardly believe it when Paulette sent me an email to tell me my Shepherd Boy card was on her blog!!

It is SO nice to get a little encouragement, and I'm determined, now to carry on and try to make some more, maybe later in the week.

It WILL have to be later in the week because I am going to be really busy.......aren't we all at this tiime of year?
But, with Leigh and Co. leaving, my house is in an awful state, and I really have to get organized.  I keep finding more of their stuff, and the pile is!

I have to admit, last night was VERY quiet around here, and this morning was chubby-faced grandchildren running into our bedroom to ask for CBeebies to be put on telly!!

We always have a Carol Concert at our Church, first weekend in December, and all the local dignitaries are's a BIG affair......and last night, our 7 year old grandson, William, stepped into "Joseph's" sandals when the little boy who had rehearsed the part didn't turn up.  Let me just mention that William could have stepped into ANYBODY'S part, because he knew everyone's script....honestly!
His Mum took a photo of him and "Mary", and fell about laughing because "Joseph" had determinedly turned away from his bride "because she is SO bossy!"

Well, all the heavy snow we had last week has now completely melted, but the forecast is for more next week.....yippeeeeee......I LOVE the white stuff, and have always said that I could easily live in Alaska, Iceland, or any of those brrrrrrr places, 'cos I prefer winter to summer, any day!

Keep warm, and come back soon!

Warm Hugs,
Anne-Marie x


  1. Congrats on the feature! further proof that you should keep posting your cards!

  2. Congratulations AM, the proof is in the pudding :)

  3. Thank you for entering your lovely card in our 15th Scrapbook Sisters Card Challenge. Julie and Karen x