Thursday, 24 February 2011

Out of "The Zone"!

Hello, and welcome!

Seems ages since I last posted something, but life just gets that way, sometimes, don't you think? :D

I don't think you would have enjoyed my company, the last few days......had been to the hospital for my yearly check-up for the lymphodema in my left arm, and was upset by the results.

For those of you who may not know.......I had breast cancer (will be 4 years come June), and my surgeon removed all the lymph nodes in my left armpit, which then led to me getting swelling in my arm because the toxins have nowhere to go, unless I keep up my exercises, and simple lymphatic massage.

I do both, without fail, every day.......but sometimes, if I've spent too much time picking up grandchildren, hoovering, pushing a heavy shopping trolley around the supermarket, or anything else that puts my arm under pressure, then I get swelling and lots of discomfort.

It doesn't usually bother me, because I always say it's a small price to pay for still being here.......right?
But, sometimes............sometimes it gets to me......and this week was one of those times.
I now have to go back to the clinic in 6 months, instead of a year, because my arm is significantly more swollen than it was, at my last visit.  The breast-care nurse keeps saying I should wear a compression sleeve.......and it's that that upsets me..........

Wearing one of those things would mean I can never "get away" from the constant reminder that I've had cancer........

As I said.......sometimes, just sometimes, it gets to me.

OK.........whinge over, folks!

A couple of weeks ago, Christy from Tiddly Inks asked if any of her followers would do a favour for her?  She has a friend who is turning 40, and Christy  wanted as many birthday cards made for her as possible.........she gave us a couple of digi images to play with....and this is what I came up with......which took me almost completely out of "the zone" that I usually like to be in, when I'm creating something!

Christy's friend likes red, black, and white........

I really struggled with this one.........

The image is called "Kellie", so I'm guessin' that's what the birthday girl is called, and this is what she looks like :) The white spots on her top and boots are white glaze pen, and the red sparkle on her tights is made with a Sakura sparkly gel pen.......wish I was brave enough to wear 'em!

I added some red handstitching around the black DP (DP is from DCWV The Stack), and some red glitter to the centre of the flowers, on the border.
Did a bit of recycling with the huge red came off a box of choccies I gave my Mam!

Now, I'm off out to have dinner with Pat (remember she just turned 60?), and two other good friends......wonder how many ProPoints are in chocolate truffle pudding?

Some challenges:
Colour - black, white and one other colour (mine is red)

Anything Goes

Use ribbon

Anne-Marie x


  1. Beautiful card, supercool image. Thanks for joining us at Do You Stack Up.


  2. Your card is fabulous, Anne-Marie!!! You would never know you were out of your comfort zone. I love the way you colored the image.

    I'm sorry to hear about your struggles with the Lymphodema. I'm praying for you. Big hugs my friend!!!

  3. I´m sorry you have been to down and upset Anne-Marie..if there is anything i can do to brighten you up a bit let me know...big warm hugs my friend

  4. Very funky!

    Sorry to hear you're not feeling so good at the mo, I hope this week is improving for you. Dye the bandage rainbow colours that can't fail to put a smile on your face! (I love rainbows!) Make matching ones for your family so they can support you so you don't feel so alone, I'm sure your grandkids would find it fun, might lighten the load you know. Good luck and I really do hope the week improves for you.

    Oh and thanks for sharing your creation with us at DYSU! Hope to see you next time!

  5. hi Anne Marie, great card, step out of your comfort zone more often because it's adorable
    hope you will feel better soon and everything turns out fine
    thanks for joining us at the DYSU challenge this week

  6. Hey AM,

    Love the card and really can't see you struggled. It's just as good as all the others :)

    Hoping you will get to feel a bit better. If you really have to wear the compression sleeve, think of it as a reminder that you survived having cancer rather than the fact that you had it. So glad you did else I wouldn't have such a lovely blogging friend like you :)

  7. Thanks for sharing your story. I just want to wrap you up in a BIG hug. I think it is natural that sometimes it all just gets to you. But looking at those beautiful grandchildren, I bet they help you feel better very soon.

    Thanks so much for joining our ribbon challenge this week at Shelly's Images. I hope you will join us again soon so that I have another excuse to visit your lovely blog.

  8. Hi Anne-Marie! Wonderful fun anything goes card that you entered in our anything goes challenge at DYSU this week!! Thanks so much, Janna

  9. Great card! Thanks for joining us at Shelly's Images.

  10. Anne Marie you WON February's tag challenge! Can you email me your address x (