Monday, 14 February 2011

Go Bloggers!!

Happy Valentine's Day!

I bet you'll agree with of the very best things about having a blog, and being a follower on other people's blogs, is that you get to "meet" so many really great people.
I started to blog as a way of boosting my own confidence......I'm actually quite a shy person (no, honestly, I am!).....and have made cards and scrapbook pages for donkies years.......but only for my own enjoyment, or to give to family members.  I always thought, (and still do, if I'm honest), that even my nearest and dearest just indulge my "little hobby", and accept my offerings because it makes me happy.

Yet, I've found, in the couple  of months that I've been posting some of my creations, that other people genuinely think that the results of my efforts are okay, and even acceptable.......and I can't tell you what a kick that gives me!

Here's where I have to make an of my lovely blogging friends sent me an award, a couple of weeks ago.....and I forgot to post about it!!  How could I do that, when it meant so much to me????
So, my lovely know who you are :)......please accept my apology.
It was only when another lovely blogger, Ali from sent me the same award, that I realized my BIG boo-boo!

So,  my TWO lovely, thoughtful new friends, I gratefully accept the award, and hereby follow the rules of acceptance:

Here are the rules for the Liebster award, and the list of five bloggers I'm sharing it with:

1) Accept it, write a post about it and display it.

2) Pass it on to 3-5 fabulous but yet unknown blogs [not ones with large amounts of followers] and tell them they have been awarded the love blog award.

3) Link back to the person who awarded it to you.

The aim is to bring other great, but relatively unknown, blogs into the spotlight.  Isn't that a great idea?

Now, I have to nominate 3-5 other great bloggers for this award......easy-peasy, heehee.....

Pamela over at  She's a fabulous blogger, and you'll love her photos and creations.
Nikki, found here  Nikki is a fantastic digi artist....go see her...she has freebies!
Leanne at  Always got something fun to share.....she's a great artist, too!
Sarah here She takes you with her on her journey to make her home more beautiful...and she will make you laugh out loud!
Colette at  This is a lovely lady who wants to scrap to leave treasured memories for her family...and she's a LOT of fun, too :)

Hope you can make the time to go and visit each of these talented won't be sorry!

Anne-Marie x


  1. Shut Up, Anne Marie! You're sending ME an award?? ohhh {{clapping hands quickly in front of my chest}} THIS IS SO FUN! Big hugs, honey! I'm just so proud ... and very appreciative! Off to check out the other blogs ... and to circulate a few Liebster awards of my own!


  2. Thank you heaps AM - off to check out the other blogs you've mentioned (and work on my acceptance speech lol)
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    L xxx

  3. Thanks so much for the award, and the lovely comment you left for my daughter. xxx

  4. You DID leave me a prize! Anne-Marie, thank you so much! (My kids want to know why I'm dancing around)I'm so excited to have launched myself into this new world, and to meet such sweet "bloggie friends" as you :)You have made my day! xoxoxox

  5. Thank you so much Anne-Marie! to scroll through my blog list to choose who to pass it on to!