Thursday, 24 March 2011

What a way to go!

Hello, and welcome!

Today, Ken and I drove, in the beautiful, warm spring sunshine to the local crematorium to attend the funeral of my Uncle Ted.
He died last Saturday night,  sitting in his armchair, in front of the telly, hands crossed comfortably over his tummy.  He was almost 79, and has been a widower for the past 12 years.
His wife, my Auntie Marjie, was my Mam's youngest, Uncle Ted wasn't my blood uncle, but that doesn't matter .......he was one of the few of my family, from that generation, who are left.

As we got out of the car, we realized that all my male cousins, including Stephen and Colin, Uncle Ted's sons, and his grandsons, were wearing red Manchester United football shirts......Uncle Ted's wishes!  Boy, did he love that team!

As his coffin was carried into the tiny chapel, his two sons had  arranged for Frank Sinatra's "My Way" to be the curtains closed around his coffin, and it was slipped to the waiting furnace, Johnny Cash belted out "Ring of Fire" .....and we all laughed aloud, because we realized that Uncle Ted must have arranged all this with my cousins, and this was his sense of humour, to the last........but it didn't stop there!
As we were invited to exit the chapel, out into the sunshine to view the floral tributes in the courtyard, the music was belted out yet again......."All Night Long", and I was transported back to the 70's, and Uncle Ted spinning me around a dance-floor to that song, and me being really embarrassed because everybody else was boogying on down, and we were doing a foxtrot!

Sleep well, Uncle Ted.

I'll be back tomorrow with a little card!

Anne-Marie x

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  1. Oh AM, I know how sad funerals can be but it sounds to me like this one was perfect :) Uncle Ted definitely didn't want anyone to be sad did he? What a wonderful sense of humour and how thoughtful on his part...he danced one last foxtrot with you :)