Monday, 21 March 2011

I DO scrap.....sometimes!

Hi, and welcome!

Haven't got a card for your perusal, (ooooo...that's a big word!) because I'm trying to decide which loomin' birthday I should create for first.....or, in other words........I've had a house full of grown children and their off-spring....all day! haven't had a chance to creep into my haven.
What happened to all this spare time I'm supposed to have, now I've raised my family?
I know that one of my cherished beliefs is that Families Are Forever, but does that mean that they have to be in my livingroom and kitchen
I've heard people moan about their mothers' keeping them tied to their apron strings, but my kids seem to have me on the end of a very short grapplin' hook, and they are all pullin' on it, hand over fist!!

Okay......breathe.......breathe......rant over.

A friend of mine was recently talking about how much she still loves to scrap her photos, and it made me try to think about the last time I actually sat down and made a scrapbook page.
I really can't remember when it was, or even which page I completed, so I went huntin' in my albums........big mistake!
Let's just say we've not had tea!
So, I thought I would show you one of my earliest attempts, so please be kind........I did this one when I had very limited stash.....oh, those were the days, lol!

The happy little chappie is our grandson, Harrison, who was 3 years old at the time, but is now a strappin' 10 year old.......

We were in our back garden, and he was messing about with his baby brother's playmat.......

Harry has always reminded me of a li'l Irish Leprichaun, and my Dad used to call him "The Little Irishman"....think it's the cheeky grin, and amazing blue eyes!........

I think this journal spot describes him, exactly........and still does........

The little piece at the top of the hidden journaling was from a canvas ribbon kit, and I used ordinary staples on the tag (don't think I knew you could get coloured ones, lol)......

The journal tag pulls out, and this is what was hidden....tadaaaa!

I remember how much I enjoyed making this page, and just how involved I get when I'm scrapping.
Which takes me back to what I was saying about families being forever..........I look on scrapbooking as a form of Family History....a way that my descendants can know their ancestors better........a way that I can share some of my feelings about my parents, my husband, my children, my grandchildren.....and, I sincerely hope, my greatgrandchildren.........and even my friends.....a way that I can be instrumental in forging links between the generations.........all because I took photos, put them onto a page, and most importantly wrote the story of the people in the photos.

Oh, I do go on, don't I? lol.......
Thanks for coming by.......I'd be rantin' on my own without ya!

Anne-Marie x

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  1. Oh AM, I love this page! can't even tell it was one of your earliest! I see a lot of talent here! Can't wait to see a recent one :) hint...hint...