Thursday, 10 March 2011

Hand-drawn digi stamps.

Hi, and welcome!
How's the weather near you?  I've been blown all over the place today......gale-force winds, and very squally showers.....but it was worth going out 'cos I got to spend time with youngest daughter, Leigh-Anne, and her two youngest cherubs, Millie (4 months) and Henry(3 years).  We went on a shopping trip to Hobbycraft, looking for a craft-based gift for Leigh's eldest daughter, Olivia, who turns 6 on Sunday.
Livvie loves to craft, and when they stayed with us while their builders were working on their house, she would refer to "our" craft room.....not Grandma's craft room, but "OUR" craft room! 
I tried sneekin' in there without her.....but she ALWAYS tracked me down!

Couldn't find anything that was a reasonable enough price....everything was SO expensive! she'll be getting the little seat, to go on the back of her little bike, for her dolly to sit in when they go for rides.  I thought her other grandma was buying it, but it seems not, and Livvie wants one, so there you go, lol.

I started a card for Olivia's birthday, but not had time to finish it, so that will be for tomorrow.....hopefully :), if I get the time to finish it.

Well, yesterday I briefly mentioned that I would be showing you the really cute digital images that Nikki over at had made for me.....not that I'm anybody special, (well, yeah, I suppose I am really :D), because she is SO generous about drawing images for anybody who requests cool is that?!

I explained that I have four grandchildren who will turn 8 years old this year, (two boys and two girls) which means that they will be baptized.....and I know that Nikki is LDS, as am I, so I asked if she could draw a boy, and a girl, ready for baptism........and these are what she sent...........

The baptism boy, all ready to go under the water, and the Elder who will baptize him (usually his Daddy)......

The lovely sentiment can go on a card, or even a scrapbook page....I feel a mini-album comin' on :D.......
And here's the girlie, all ready and waiting..........

Aren't they just fabulous?  I can't wait to get started on making cards with 'em.......THANK YOU NIKKI!!

Come back and see me, soon!

Anne-Marie x

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  1. Such a brat you are being spoiled like that :) really am turning green, first your personalised name stamp and now this.... Gotta teach me how to mingle with these generouse digi folk...