Friday, 4 March 2011

Not such a Catastrophe, then!

Hope you are all having a great Friday!

A great big, warm, happy welcome to my two newest followers........Doreen and Jackie......that's you!
I am so very glad you decided to join us :D

Update on the thing that happened that I still can't talk about without grittin' my teeth .............

Our next door neighbour is a builder.....although I have my suspicions about that, because he needed help to put up his new garden gate (?).........but I pointed out to him that our stable roof had fallen in, and told him.....a tad sarcastically...... what Ken had said about the squirrels and pigeons  He looked up at the roof, squinting, the way men do when they are weighing-up something, and then, turning back to me, gave his considered opinion...........

"Big buggers, round 'ere", then ambled off to his own, pristine, stable!

Oh well.......I'm choosing to find something good about this whole situation.
I had no choice but to spend yesterday hauling most of my goodies back to the house, having rescued them from the rubbish-strewn mess that used to be my haven..........I'm flabbergasted at just how much stuff I have!! 
(But will deny all knowledge, if you breathe a word in the presence of he-who-is-still-in-the-rabbit-hutch!)

The best thing is, I "discovered" all kinds of things that I had forgotten I ever had........and, I'm almost ashamed to say, some of it was still in its wrapping!  I say "almost ashamed" because I bet I'm not the only crafter who is guilty of this........come on.....'fess up! :D

Which now leads me, nicely, into showing you todays card.......made completely from stuff I re-discovered!

I kind of remember buying this stuff, years ago, and think it was from a kit called Deena's Cards.......I just used Tim Holtz Distressing Ink around the scraps of paper........


added some pretty lace and some little mulberry flowers............

tied some scraps of ribbon, and gave myself a pat on the back!

I re-discovered quite a few bits and pieces that I've had for yonks, but am looking at in a different watch this space, heehee!

Anne-Marie x


  1. Yay for finding a bunch of "new" old treasures! I'm pretty sure my "other" personality hides things from me. Everytime I start cleaning stuff out I find something I can't even remember buying. But I always look at it and think "I know JUST what to use this one!"

  2. You're not alone in having things stashed away still in the wrapping. I put new things away and can't remember where I've put them and then finally forget they exist. lol It's so much fun to rediscover them at a later date.

    Your card is so pretty. I love that soft, delicate look. I can't wait to see what else you've found. :)

  3. AM, I confess....I too have stash still in wrappings :) I think its a condition we might all have but will never admit to this if asked...Loving your card and that paper is so soft and delicate! I have those same mulberry flowers in my stash and I simply love em :) just another thing we have in common :)