Monday, 11 July 2011

I couldn't help it!!

Hi, and welcome!

I am apologisin', before I do anything else.....I just could not turn down making another male card.....I know....I know....but give me a chance to explain........
You know that I'm nursery leader in my ward, at Church....the children come to me when they are 18 months old, and stay until the January after they have their 3rd birthday.
One of my "ex" ickle peeps is Nathan....he and his family usually sit behind our family in Sacrament meeting.
Yesterday, I was sitting quietly (I can y'know), waitin' for the meeting to begin....a light touch on my shoulder....I turn and there's Nathan....."I'm 4 today!! Did ya make me a card?"
I've always made the children cards while they are with me in nursery....but there are so many of them....and with all my own tribe....I just don't keep it up when they move on to "big" Primary.......
I wanted to melt into the seat.....his Daddy told him not to be rude....but he wasn't being rude, to my mind....he'd always had a card from me for his birthday, (and Christmas, Easter, etc), so fully expected one yesterday!  Logical ickle peeps reasonin', if you ask me......
I had to tell him I'd forgotten it was his birthday, (I was about to receive the Sacrament, after all!), and promised that I would get one to him today......
So come on! could I NOT make a male card?
Nathan is a rough 'n' tumble kinda boy....he actually lost the tip of one his fingers, in an accident, a couple of weeks ago, and they are waiting to see if it grafted back properly....poor mite.....
so here's his card.......

Had a ton of stuff to do today, including looking after a grandchild (Bevan), so this had to be quick an' simple.....where have I heard that before?...........

The DP is from K& dotty is from scrap mountain, cardstock is textured Bazzil, done with a bit of sanding, and all inked in dark brown......

The sentiment is from Paulette (TLC)....just free-hand cut label, one white and slightly larger blue....couldn't be bothered pullin' out my Big Shot an' Nestie's.....I've really got to get a handle on my impatience!.......

All coloured with the ol' Promarkers, and popped up on foamies.......just wish I hadn't used that 100% Boy sticker....should have mounted it onto somethin', but that ol' impatience got the better of me....don't suppose Nathan will mind, lol!

Before I go.....was talking to my little brother (John) on the phone.....he's only 17 months younger than me, and we have always been close......and we got to talkin' about how our Dad used to ask us if we had learnt any new words today?
I was 12, so John would be that bit younger, and we were havin' our family tea (dinner to my friends elsewhere in the world) was near Christmas, and Mam always made us promise not to tell Dad what she had got him for his present........Dad hated not knowin', and would bribe us to tell him....if he offered me a Fry's Chocolate Cream, I was his!.....but, this time I'd not blabbed......but Dad knew!....and Mam went around the table, askin' each of us who had told......came to John's turn and he held up his hands and said, "Not me, I'm a violet!"
Dad almost choked on his mouthful of Frey Bentos Steak and Kidney Pie!!.......
Turned out........wait for it.........John's new word to tell Dad that day was..........INVIOLATE......bbwwwaaaaahhhh!!!
You can guess what his nickname became....for a very long time.......
Won't sully your ears with the new words he comes up with, nowadays...........heehee!

Always Anything goes

Anne-Marie x


  1. Nathan is soo going to like this cool skater :o) And isn't it nice to know, that you have really made an impression on this little guy.... someday he will look back to the nice memories from the nursery time with Anne-Marie....

  2. ok. my bday is may 27 and i'll be expecting a card from you next yr. the rest of this yr... let's see... there's halloween (sacriligious!!!); thanksgiving (yep, i'm grateful); the xmas (the best tho not the real date. did you know that jesus was actually born in sept???) do the math... immaculate conception - Dec 8; jesus born Dec. 25???? come on!!! men picked that date because they wanted a winter holiday!

    oh you can learn so much from this old goat!

    oh, super card!

    hugs :)

  3. Brilliant card - saw it on MIM x

  4. Such a cute, fun card! And, of course, you had to make it... What a cute story!

  5. Love the story AM :) you too must have had a good ole laugh about it during your chat :)
    You're forgiven for generating a boy card, purely because you're so darn good at it. So, now I take back my comment from last week and I'm begging you for something girly!:)

  6. Such a gorgeous story, and I'm sure Nathan would have loved receiving this gorgeous cards.

    Thanks for sharing your creation with Make It Monday.
    Don't forget......... if you leave a comment on another entry, mention that you saw their card on "Make It Monday" for a chance at second prize. The more entries you comment on the more chance you have of winning second prize.

  7. Great story and a super card, perfect for a little boy. xx

  8. Hi

    Oh how could you not make him a card! And what a fabulous card it is too, I bet he loved it.

    Thank you for sharing with us at Make It Monday this week.

    Michelle :o)

  9. Your colorful little card is super. I don't see how anyone could help but smile if they found it in their post. Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing it with us.