Thursday, 21 July 2011

Easy-Peasy Girlie Card

Hello, and welcome!

So, how has your day been?  Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did mine....heehee!
I had a lie-in....not been sleepin' well, lately, so it was nice to finally get a good, long proper sleep......then had a shortish visit with daughter #2, and 15 month old grandaughter, Yvie-Grace.  Yvie looked very sweet.....she was wearin' one of the sewn flower clips I made a while back....cute!
Had a loooooong shower....usually in-and-out, and drip-dry on the run...ha!.......and then off to Pizza Hut to meet up with my matey, Anne.......we have lunch together about once a month, and are tryin' to make it a bit more often, because she moves to the Salt Lake before Christmas.........I'm so excited for her, but could weep buckets, every time I think about her leaving......sigh.
Came home, threw some washing on the line in the garden.......fed the rabbit.....then went and made a whole bouquet of flowers....all ready to pop onto future girlie cards....yaaaaaay!
Didn't even have to make tea....hubby fed himself....double yaaaay!!

Remember the star card I  posted a couple of days back?  It was for Rochelle's new website here..........well, I said that I would also make a girlie here it is.....remember - these cards are supposed to inspire beginners to "have a go"

I wanted to show that once you have the basic layout, you can make a card look very different, just by changing the colours, and embellishments, so I used the same layout as the previous you can see here......

Nothing as girlie as PINK.......made the flower with tissue paper layers, and added a layer of white vellum, which I inked with pink........still thinkin' that a beginner won't have much in the way of embellie, and these couldn't be simpler to make.........and the green backing, and leaves (free hand cut), are made from wrapping paper that was around a birthday bouquet I received....waste not, want!

Used pink baker's twine on one of the layers, as before.........saw a post somewhere in blogland (memory blip) that showed you could use crochet cotton, and make lines on it with Promarkers to make your own twine........a big ball of crochet cotton is about £1.90 for about 50  yards....MUCH cheaper than baker's twine....ha!
Hope Rochelle finds a use for these........

Show us what you got
Sunshine colours
Enjoy your day/happy sentiment
Happy Birthday

Anne-Marie x


  1. Gorgeous! Love that tip on making your own twine...hmm, but do I feel like drawing tiny lines?! LOL

  2. well i'd would LOVE to sub in for anne but the air fare would kill me - boo hoo!

    love both cards. the flower is gorgeous as is the star. i have 3 favs - flowers, hearts and stars! i think i'm meandering away from pink. oh well, change is good.

    hugs :)

  3. Two gorgeous card Anne-Marie,great tip about the

  4. Both are beautiful cards, and so amazing how much difference color and embellishment swaps can make! Love the tip about the twine...I think I have some crochet cotton around here someplace, I may have to try it!

  5. Bakers twine? Funny how the same thing can have many names depending on where you are in the world. Locally we call it Document Twine, and one of the cheap stores (equivalent to DollarStore and Pound Emporium) have just launched a series of colors :o)

  6. The girly version of this sketch is lovely, the papers and flower are lovely and the pink and white twine looks good too. We have brown cooking twine here but I will have to look around to see if they have brought out anything nicer, We are always behind in our products!

  7. Oh, I love these.. :) You really are amazing with crafts! I'm super excited to see these at the site and I'm sure they will absolutely inspire a lot of card-makers, newbies and experts alike!

    Emailed you about the guest post, Anne-Marie. Let me know what you think! And thank you! :)


  8. Well, howdy doo! I like the grily version AM! very much! How clever of that bakers twine tip. I havn't seen it anywhere here in SA so I think I'll be giving it a go :)

  9. What beautiful cards. I love the flower. Thanks for joining us at Aud Sentiments.

  10. Hi Anne-Marie, what a pretty card. I love the tissue paper flower and beautiful sunshine colours. Thanks for joining in with my challenge over at charisma cardz this week. Hugs, Denise x

  11. Your card is just LOVELY!! That flower is fantastic!! Thanks so much for playin' along with us this week for the Shelly's Images "Show Us What You GOT" Challenge.
    We hope you'll join us again soon! Hugs & Happy Days! ~Min
    Kaymin Kreations