Saturday, 9 July 2011

News...and pretties!

Hello, and welcome!

Blogger seems to be up to mischief because I can't see my Followers....and I've suddenly got 51....yippeeee!......but I can't flippin' see who you are!!
A warm welcome, anyway.....and you arived just at the right time, because I've got something to tell ya..........
I have been chosen as a Design Team member for the fantastic....the one-and-only....the stupendous........the fabulous....the.....oh, okay.....I'll get on with it........STRETCH N' BUBBLES !!!

I would like to thank my Mother, my sisters, my agent, my dog, my next-door-neighbour, for this fantastic OSCAR....oops....wrong speech........
But I really am soooo delighted.....and scared......and happy.......and scared......but excited, too!
Alison and the rest of the team are delightful, and are makin' me feel very comfortable, and at home, and I am chuffed to ickle mintballs!!
and if you drop in on them, you'll find a very cute Freebie....and you all know how much I loveme Freebies...heehee!

Flippin' blogger won't let me put my new badge up, either......but you can come back and admire, tomoz....Ha!

Haven't got a card creation to show ya today.....but thought ya might like to see these ickle pretties.........

Love the look of pins on cards, but some of 'em seem to cost a pretty I made my own..........

Started, as you can see, with Christmas colours....just 'cos I wanted to....but didn't actually have beads in the right colours, so I got out me Sharpies, and coloured, fun, fun!........

Didn't realize I had so many beads, and couldn't even remember buying any of these....but there they were....all snuggled up in ickle plastic boxes........the pins I definitely knew I had....I quilt, these pretties all started out as plain sewing pins.......that's me all set for me Christmas cards, then, lol!
Thanks for droppin' in....I get lonely without ya!

Anne-Marie x


  1. Well, I could be one of your new followers 'cos I decided it was time I returned the compliment a couple of days ago! To be honest, I thought I already was one of your followers but found out I wasn't, so I am now - lol! Sorry I missed your birthday (and anniversary) as well but you're right 1951 WAS a very good year - lol!

  2. ps. Love the pins. I'm thinking of making some using head pins. No pointy bits to stick in peeps. :0)

  3. Congratulations!!!!!! I've never heard anything so wonderful as "chuffed to ickle mintballs." Seriously, I googled it! Congrats also on your 51 followers!

  4. Congrats well deserved Anne Marie I am so pleased for you yep blogger is playing up again you are not alone with missing followers but rest asure we are still here
    Jacki xx

  5. Congratulations on your new DT, Anne-Marie. I know you are going to be a huge asset to the group!
    Oh! And love your stick pins too!! Very nice!

  6. Congrats on your new DT position, big sis!!! I can't wait to see the wonderful thing you make.

    Speaking of wonderful things, you're pins are stunning! You're going to have some very elegant Christmas cards. I wish I could convince myself to work on something Christmas related, but just can't make myself do it this early. Then, before I know it I'll be late with getting things done for it. ~sigh~

    Hugs to you!!!

  7. Hi Anne Marie
    CONGRATS for you NEW DT position at STRETCH N' BUBBLES!!!.. I know how you feel, enjoy and Good Luck!!
    OMG!! Beautiful pins!!.. Hey Anne, pss! i see the square doily, so pretty!!

  8. Congratulations on your DT position, Love your beaded pins, LOL I've got thousands of beads here as I occasionally make jewellery just for fun - sometimes do some for the family for Christmas, sounds like you had fun making them,

  9. Well I am not surprised, that they picked you to be on the DT, as your cards are marvelous and writing about them makes us laugh a lot... see even with this post ;o)

  10. What, I'm not in your thank you speech? I'm hurt and slinking to the corner to pout!

    You know I'm kidding. Congratulations Copperknob!!

    I'm not surprised - pretty sure your talent with male cards knocked their socks off. Can't wait to see what you do.

    Love the pins but afraid my cards would end up with little red dots that aren't ink. Just saying...

  11. Sigh, I'm not allowed to play with sharp things either B. Although the red dots you mention would co-ordinate rather well with those pins. Huge congratulations on your DT spot AM, very well deserved - just make sure you enjoy every minute! And every freebie ;)
    C xxx

  12. Congrats honey! I look forward to seeing your creations for them!

    Beautiful pins! And I'm not talking about your legs, lol!!

  13. pps. Smack wrists 'cos I didn't congratulate you on your DT position. I've been browsing your blog since I started following and it IS very well deserved.
    As for the reprobates I spent that weekend with. I've added a bit more to the last post, since you added your comment - ooops! :0)

  14. Congratulations!! Love the pins too. Hugs, Dawn

  15. Congratulations, and celebrations! our AM is a clever ickle friend!
    Well done on making the DT :) sooo excited for you!
    Love those pins, care to send some my way?

  16. These are really pretty. What a great idea. I love making my own, and saving money!! Great tip!

  17. Congratulations on your DT position. Love the pins, you have inspired me to have a go at making some. xx