Monday, 19 September 2011

Seed Beads are BAD!

Hello, and welcome!

I am definitely in the mood for a rant .......but, before I set off on one, let me show you who was where she is NOT allowed to be..........I came downstairs, walked into to the living room and found.............

And she didn't even have the manners to jump off!! 
Bonnie is 13 years old, which is about 90 in Labrador years, and we think she's feelin' every one of those years, these days........but she can still run and jump, when she feels like it.......which is what she'd been doing a few minutes before I caught her on the sofa...........soooooo.....did I move her off?.........naaaa!
But don't tell Hubby......haaaaahaaaa! for the ya didn't know seed beads were naughty, sly, awkward, nasty little bits of stuff, did ya?
Yep...they are......proved it for myself today........
I chased 'em......I cornered 'em.......I tried persuadin' 'em.......I got 'em on the end of my tweezers....only to have the little blighters flick up, do somersaults, and land in corners I never knew we had in that room....gggrrrrr.....and then, after all this hassle, after having my fingers crimped and stuck together with glues of every type......finally got 'em where I wanted 'em....but were they tamed?.....NO......they then decided they would NOT stay in a straight line....and this was the result................

Next time you hear me mention seed beads, just remind me they are NOT worth the hassle....ha!

All this to create this.........

And don't get me started on paper-pleating!!

I do, however, love this ickle cutie.......she's called Girl with Tulip, from Mamidoodles....isn't she sweet?
I went to town with the Promarkers, and I love the way she turned out.......just had to splodge the tiniest bit of sparkly ModPodge on her flower...heehee......

First time I've tried paper-pleating.....might be a while before I bother again...hmmmph......the lovely sentiment was £5.00 from was another freebie......Haaaaaa!

Had a change from my usual back to handsew........and all the papers are from yet another freebie pack.......

Flippin' seed beads.....ggrrrrrr.......

Thanks for coming by!

Challenges: Punches/Dies (flippin' butterfly!)


Anne-Marie x


  1. Your paper plearing looks great - hope to see it again from your hands someday - and it embrases the sentiment in the nicest way. Me like :o)

  2. This is gorgeous Ann-Marie you have coloured the image perfectly and wow love the paper pleats.

    You make my day when I come to your blog,you always seem to have a good tale to tell....Thank you.

    Love the photo of

  3. don't know what's funnier, the dog or the beads! i haven't worked with seed beads in ages. it's way easier if you glue the area then pour them on and shake the excess off - way easier!

    but i loved the laugh!

    hugs ;)

  4. Anne-Marie, when you work with seed beads, it is best to get a shallow baking pan (not cookie sheet as that is too shallow), lay your work inside and then pour the beads from a low distance. Those little buggers won't bounce around so much, and the pan catches the ones that don't stick to your art. Then you simply pour the strays back into your container (VERY SLOWLY). You won't have as many way-ward baubles flying around with them contained nicely in your pan.

    By the way, your card is charming. Like all the colours you used.

  5. AM, love the ickle photo of your Bonnie :) I wouldn't have moved her either :) The paper pleating is magic, you might have to teach me that one! and the beads...ho hum... well, I agree with everything the ladies before me said...and remember, they're always worth it :)

  6. AM, nature isn't perfect either. I like it being a bit "off". Agree with everyone on the pleating - are you lucky enough to have a score board?

    Good for Bonnie - think she deserves a rest on the couch; must have tired her out watching you chase those beads around ;)

  7. Brilliant make - love all the techniques - that paper pleating is fab - you're a natural! Thanks for taking part in this weeks Crafty Boots Challenge! Amyx

  8. Ah, this it too sweet, I love her and I think your paper pleating looks great.

    Thanks for playing along with us at Crafty Boots Challenge.


    PS I know all about those sneaky little seed beads and completely sympathise.

  9. Very cute--love the colors and the paper pleating looks great!!!!

  10. This is so wonderful, love the sentiment and your butterfly looks beautiful with the scattered seed beads! :)

  11. All your troubles were well worth it. Your card is stunning! Those special details that made you want to pull out your hair add so much zing to this gorgeous card and your hair will grow back eventually. lol

    I wouldn't have moved Bonnie either. I keep sheets on my furniture so that the little doggies can be on it and I can just wash the sheets every week when the dogs get their bath. My daughter claims that I spoil my dog and grand dog far more than I ever spoiled her.

    Hugs to you big sis!!!

  12. OMGosh, you have me rolling about the seed beads! Heck, I have problems with the little brads, and thank goodness I don't use eyelets anymore! It takes some mighty good fine-motor skills to master seed beads, that's for sure! LOL

    You are a riot! And I'm not sure why I wasn't following before, but I am now!!

    p.s. Thanks again for stopping by and commenting on my blog ;)

  13. Well never mind! I WAS a follower. Went to "follow" and it said I already was, but did I want to quit? Ummm...NO! LOL Have a good one!

  14. I never tried seed beads and after I read your post I don't think it is for me. I have enough problems with glitter!

    Loooove the card - it is absolutely gorgeous, beautiful colouring and the pleating was well worth the effort. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Really pretty. Thanks for joining us over at Crafty Boots. Zo x

  16. Gorgeous card. Your butterfly was well worth the effort. Thanks for sharing it with us in our Punches/Dies challenge at OLL this time. Hope to see you again next time.
    Dawn x

  17. Fabulous card! Thanks for joining us at OLL this time and look forward to seeing you again. Good luck in the draw. Hugs x