Sunday, 25 September 2011

Pixie Cottage Sketch

Hi, and welcome!

Okay....who pinched the rest of my week?  Just seems to have been Tuesday, yesterday, but hubby dragged me off to Church this morning, so it must be what happened to the rest of the week?
I remember going with Leigh-Anne to a fabric shop, to choose stuff for a rag quilt that we are making for a friend who is going to live in the US.......and I remember getting stung by a wasp....TWICE......on another day (more in a mo)........and had a doctor's appointment postponed on yet another day..........and did my share of lookin' after grand-kiddles.....and I know that Mam came home from her holiday in don't really remember getting much of anything I really wanted to get done actually done!

And as for the WASP out of the car and started to walk into Costco, and felt something sharp stick into my leg, just below the knee.....was wearing trousers......looked down to see what it was, and felt another very sharp something on my ankle....kicked off my shoe, which then flew across the store, narrowly missing a gi-normous TV, and pulled up my trouser leg just in time to see the ugliest wasp...ever! out!!
And please don't tell my not-very-sympathetic hubby tried to....that a wasp can only sting once, and it dies......I have TWO red sting marks to prove that this is not true!
Gillian was with me, and actually pulled out the sting from my ankle, and then promptly stamped on the culprit, which was doin' a silly-dance on the floor.....I hope I poisened it!
I have never been stung by anything, not even nettles, in my whole life, and then to get a double-dose in one that's not fair......hmmphhh!


Today's card was inspired by a sketch that I saw on  I'm too late for the challenge, but liked the sketch, so used it
Had visitors for most of the day, so this was yet another quick and simple one..........

Because it needed to be quick, I didn't want to do any colouring, so had a rummage in my stash and came up  with these elements, all from a Popcorn Bear kit that I've had for an age.......

How about these two ickle maties, then?  Popped 'em onto a backing layer, tied some paper ribbon, and gave 'em two soft fabric golden hearts.....aaawwww........oh, and the pretty button.........

These flowers are the only bits that didn't come with the kit.......inked 'em up,layered 'em up, and stuck 'em on........

Had this sentiment in my stash....just backed it with some of the gingham paper, and everything went up on popdots....told ya it was quick and simple....haaaa!

Hoping to get a bit longer to come up with something, tomorrow......please come back and see me!
Challenges: Let sleeping bears lie (Mine maybe not sleepin' but ready for bed?)

Anne-Marie x


  1. Gorgeous card Anne Marie I love popcorn and love the layout too, but please don't mention those horrid stingy things I have never personally been stung thankfully but last year our cat Charley brought one into the house and it attacked Amy (daughter) she went hysterical scream and dancing around then Phil told me to get her into the kitchen while he tries to kill the thing and she just dived at me it was really funny like those slow motion things she was just flying through the air we still wet our selves about now but she did say it bloody hurt hope it clears up soon
    Jacki xx

  2. Your card Anne-Marie is beautiful,love the added hearts.
    Poor you I'm sorry but when you tell a tale you can't help but smile,I do sympathise though!!!!Really.xxxxx

  3. holy crap!!!! you must have great tasting blood for that wasp to sting you 2x!!!! ouch!!!!

    and mom holidayed in CUBA????? really? never heard of anyone holidaying in CUBA!

    love the card. love ALL your cards. so what else is new????

    hugs :)

  4. Lovely card, I really love your flowers, they are stunning!
    Thanks for joining us at Paper Sundaes
    Hugs Kat
    Ps. Sorry about your sting but at least you got your own back! Lol x

  5. Love those little bears and the lovely flowers. Sorry about the wasp stings, LOL, but it must have been a funny site with your shoe flinging across the room! I've never been stung before either, I wonder how he got up your trouser leg? Glad you didn't hit the television, that would have been a hard one to explain to store security!!
    Hope it's not too painful,

  6. Wow - for being a quickie, your card came together beautifully! Bummer about the wasp! Why do they have to be so creepy looking? I have a yellowjacket, seems like just a loner, who hangs out around my house to give us a scare. I've been seen chasing it around the yard with a broom once or twice. Ugh--hate em!

    Have a great week!

  7. Hey there fellow sting-ee! How I understand your surprise & yes they can sting twice. Crazy people, unlike us...

    I've decided that one of these days I'm going to have to check out these pre-printed images. Yours always seem to have so much dimension.

  8. Wasp can sting multiple times - bees only once. I allergic to those darn X#¤%&!! And for some reason they LOVE my hair - ouch!

  9. Very Pretty! Thanks for joining us at Paper Sundaes this week
    Hugs Julie P

  10. This is so cute, I love those flowers :)
    Thanks for joining us for Di's 2nd challenge & Good Luck!

  11. Wow your card is fabulous!
    Love your gorgeous colors and such pretty papers and detail!
    So happy that you have joined us at TPS.....