Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It's Here!!.....BLOG CANDY!!!

Hello, and welcome!

You have been very patient, but at last I can put up my BLOG CANDY.....woooohoooo!

How about gettin' your hot ickle hands on this?..........

A pack of very cute Forever Friends cardstock stickers..........can't go wrong with that ickle bear, lol......

And what about some pretty lace, lurvely ribbon (the blue one is velvety), and those two handmade by moi stick pins?

Every girl needs a handbag, right?  Well, in this pack you get eight, with'll really enjoy decorating these with papers, lace, flowers, bling....whatever!

Now, I want ya to treat these two ickle honeys with love and kindness.....they need to be in a warm, loving environment, otherwise they will hop on a sledge, and come home to me....haaaaa!! I've sewn my address into their coats........

So, what d'you think?

If you want a chance to win this bundle, here's the deal.........If you were a Follower before Jenee joined us (she was #60...thank you, Jenee!), then you qualify to enter to win this Candy....of course, that includes Jenee.......but please don't be put  off if you aren't yet a signed up Follower.......  because my FIRST BLOGAVERSARRY is comin' up, soon, and I'll be sending off another ickle bundle to another lucky could be YOU!.

Anyway, the second part of the deal.....oh, stop whining....didn't think I'd let you get my Candy too easily, did ya?........if you win the Candy, you have to promise to send me a Christmas card featuring the cute stamp!

And have to leave me a comment on any post between now and Saturday, .......I'll put all the names into a box, and get one of my kiddles to pull one out, and announce the winner on's that for a deal?!!

So, if you live anywhere other than the UK, you could be getting a package from your mailman........and if you live in the UK, you have to come and get it yourself...HAAAAAA!!

Kiddin'....honestly....kiddin'..........oh, for goodness sake, Claire....I WAS KIDDING!!

Hope you like my Blog Candy.........

Anne-Marie x


  1. I will definately send you a Christmas card if I

  2. Boy you like to make folk work for these goodies doncha lol loving the lace I am really into lace at mo good luck with it hope you get lots of comments
    Jacki xx

  3. Just made it, I am 3rd before Jenee or is the 3rd last,:0
    Loving the blog candy AM, and you don't need to bribe me to comment on any of your posts!

  4. you are too freakin' funny! i am ROTFLMAO!! if i liked travelling, i'd come to your house to pick it up winner or not. i'm greedy like that - LOL.

    heaven only knows what # i am and really???? do you really care? i follow you that should be enough! heck i'd follow you anywhere anyway!

    hugs sunshine!

  5. hmmmmm..... those with blogcandy on their blogs should request Christmas cards more often............ but wait your Christmas card from me is already created..... and not with a stamp like this but XXXXXX haha secret ;o)

  6. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy, I'd love to send you a Christmas card too! It's a highlight of my day to visit you and your fun personality shines through your blog. Oh no, that's sounds mushy and I'm not into mushy, LOL.

  7. What a great candy assortment! Love your idea of having a card made from the stamp...very cool! I should've thought of that LOL!

  8. I hear by solemnly swear to send you a Christmas card made with THE stamp, if I win your lovely blog candy. rofl Thanks for a chance to win. I agree with Sandy - your blog is a fun place to visit and inspiring too! Hugs to you from across the pond, big sis.

  9. Anne-Marie, your blogcandy looks great. that stamp is really cute. i will send u a christmascard, no matter if i would win or not :) BE READY FOR SOME SNOWY CHRISTMASMAIL :)

  10. Well Anne-Marie you are a tease ! But one of the nicest kind of course, to make us giggle .
    Thank you for the chance to win this fab collection of goodies .
    If I dont win I'd still like to send you a card so I'll ask for your snail mail address via an email to me at . I think we in Australia have to post rather early to UK .
    Thanks for the fun post LOL

  11. AM, you're just too lovely to be begging off a christmas card from the candy winner :) You know you're going to recieve tons anyway! That being said, I solemnly do swear to send you a Christmas card with the said stamp should I be the lovely recipient of your most generous blog candy package. If I don't win, promise you'll get something equally lovely :)

  12. Didn't I send you one LAST year? Oh well, there's always a photo card to be done. Note to self, copy photo of stamp and slap on card, mail to Copperknob ;)

    You know I follow because I want to, not because I have to or for things. Guaranteed smile every time I come.

  13. Does that mean we can't send you a Christmas card if we don't win?

    Nice selections!