Friday, 6 May 2011

Pretty flowers for a Girlie

Hi, and welcome!

After my driving adventures, yesterday, feeling pretty good that I was back in the saddle, (so to speak), I was a bit disappointed that I woke up about 2.30am to find a swollen and sore my bloggie mate, Stef, would say....oi vay!
Wasn't too bad, though.....did my massage routine again (have to do it for about twenty minutes, every night before goin' to bed) and have done pretty much nothing but rest it today, so swelling is down, and only a bit sore.  Concluded that I'd probably driven for a bit too long......and won't do it again.....not worth the hassle, or the discomfort and pain!
From now on, short drives to church, and my Mam's, and the cemetery to visit Dad's grave.....and that's me lot!  Ho-hum.
And to add more insult to injury....first time I'd driven since breakin' me flippin' ankle, last summer, and it hurt!

Remember the kiddly-winks in my nursery class?
Here's the third card of four, for another girlie's birthday.......

I found a box of these chipboard flowers by Brenda was lurkin' underneath my Xron machine that I never use....and I finally pulled the box out and was delighted to find all this lovely stuff that I'd completely forgotten it when that happens, lol....even better than finding a £10 note in yer hubbie's jeans when doin' the washing, and not tellin' him.....not that I've ever done that....I'm a good girl........

So, the card was a very easy make......stuck some scrap yellow stripey paper on the base card......put glue dots under the flower heads.....and cut three little strips of green paper to put under them for stems......

.....and embossed a ready-made sentiment that I found in a huge pile in that same box of treasure.....stuck it onto a piece of yellow card, and did my famous (just in my head, lol) back-stitch....and the job's a good 'un.  (Hopefully!)

Anne-Marie x


  1. This card might have been an easy make but it is gorgeous.
    I am so sorry your arm swelled up. Just take it

  2. oy vey is right. sure hope it's in fine working order now!!!

    amazing what lurks in our craft room eh??? and i quietly call you RED myself!

    love the card. fabulous flowers.

    have a wonderful weekend.

    hugs, stef (Glitterbabe)

  3. Hi Anne-Marrie,

    Hope your arm is doing better! Love your card and the backstitching is fabulous. Lucky gal that your husband leaves you treasures in his pockets - that has only happened to me once:( I thanked him for the tip and it hasn't happened since - maybe that was a mistake lol. Thanks for joining us this week at Crafty Catz!

    Hugs, Dawn

  4. Hi Anne-Marie
    A beautiful card love the flower's and colour's,thankyou for joining us at CraftyCatz,
    Hugs Dianne xx

  5. Hi Anne-Marie,
    Gorgeous card, love the detail you put in, thanks for joining us at CraftyCatz this week.xx

  6. So CAS, yet so striking. Love this one AM :)

  7. Oooh.. Pretty! Love it very much! :) I love it when I find pretty stuff that I'd forgotten about too, which is pretty often since I'm pretty disorganized. Contrary to a lot of gorgeous rooms I post. lol

    Hope your arm's a lot better now, Anne-Marie. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with me and for the visits! :)


  8. Love how you have used the chipboard flowers, very clever. I have heaps of these, might have to give this a go myself.

    Thanks for joining in with our flowers challenge at Dream Valley.

    Lin xx