Thursday, 5 May 2011

Little blue birdie card

Hi, and welcome!

Funny weather we're having, today!  Started out bright and sunny, and warm, and has now become overcast and dull, and looks like a storm is brewin'.....still very warm, though. 

I haven't been driving my car for almost two years.......the lymphodema in my left arm, (a legacy from breast cancer) caused me problems if I drove for any length of time, so we took the decision that Ken would use my little Corsa for work (a lot cheaper on petrol, too), and Jonathan could use Ken's Mondeo.  That has worked out fine, but it meant that I was then reliant on one of my girls taking me for grocery shopping, or anywhere else I needed to go........and I felt a burden.  It also meant that I couldn't get to visit my Mam as often as I should.......and she's been makin' remarks about not ever seeing me without one of the girls being there......hmmph.

Sooooo.......I've reclaimed my little car....Jonathan now has his own van, so Ken has his Mondeo back.
I drove to church on's only about a mile away, lol.....but it felt so good to be doin' it........and today picked up my daughter-in-law, and Bevan, to go to a friend's birthday party....totalled about 4 miles.....and the arm is fine....fingers crossed!
Last time I was at the lymphodema clinic (February), my arm was swollen by 19 per cent more than it had been....doesn't sound a lot, but it was for me........but it's definitely been a lot better, thanks to better management and the right exercises, so I'm keepin' a close eye on what happens with the driving, lol.

Anyway.....that's more than enough about that.....onto the card........

This is the one I made for the coming-up two year old boy, in my nursery class........

Quite a clean and simple little card.......but I was pleased with how it turned out........white base, layered blue cardstock, distressed some DP (it's feelin' better now, lol),.......

The li'l birdie and his pile of pressies was fun and quick to colour (Promarkers, of course!).....and those knees crack me up!

Used the deckle-edge Nesties to cut the label and sentiment, edged with Artic Blue Promarker, and used the same to sweep across the centre word........ 

.....didn't have the right colour of Card Candi, so coloured with you-know-what....perfect....just love that I can do that, heehee......

.......and just look at that expression!  Would you say bemused?.....worried?....scared?......whatever, he's so flippin' cute!
Now, I'm toying with whether or not to put a big number 2 on there, somewhere.......little 'uns like to see the numbers, don't they?......hmmm.....still thinkin' about it!

And that's it for today, folks.........and just a quick follow-up on yesterday's comment from Leigh (daughter #3) when she said I'd had her book for over a week, and still not finished it!  That's because she knows I usually get through 2 books a week, because I read in bed,
maybe until about 2.00am.....but, just for your info, missy, I didn't start readin' that one 'til the night before last, and I've got one and a half chapters to there!!

Going Dotty

Hugs, Anne-Marie x


  1. Such a gorgeous card Anne-Marie, I do hope the swelling stays down in your arm,there is nothing like your own independence is

  2. good for you... driving again! every day will be better & better!!!

    aaaaaaaa dorable card!

    your pictures are always so crisp. maybe i should send jade to you for lessons - lol. and yep, i'd be coming right along with her - lol.

    hugs, stef (Glitterbabe)

  3. Hi, Anne! Thanks so much for joining my giveaway! Umm, yeah, you kinda linked it to the wrong post. lol But no biggie, I understand. :) Do you have a post about your craft room here somewhere? :)

  4. Very cute card and I love the bright cheery colors. Thanks for playing in the LCI Challenge this week.

  5. So happy for you AM! feels so good to be independant don't it? will keep your arm in my prayers :)
    Loving your card by the way, did I tell you yet that I am jealous of your mad crafting skills when it comes to the male gender cards....? If I have, I'm just telling you again!
    Love the vibrancy of this card, and the birdie was just a perfect touch!

  6. AM, loving this card - so clean and bright. Love to read also, feel free to send titles my way ;)
    Congrats on driving adventures. Someday hope to get my car back from hubby. Unfortunately, means daughter must give his back to him - what are the odds?

  7. How colorful and cheerful card! Thanks for joining the challenge at LCI this week!

  8. This is too cute... love the dots!
    hugs and blessings,
    (am SO enjoying pouring over all your creations!)