Tuesday, 3 May 2011

It's a boy thing!

Hi, and welcome!

I bet you have never come across a crafter who actually enjoys making anything for the male of the species....if you do know somebody, then please send me their details, lol, 'cos I'm drownin' in sons, sons-in-law, grandsons, and brothers......not to mention brothers-in-law, uncles, cousins, friends.....oh, and one slightly-used hubby......which, at a rough count comes to at least 36 male cards that I have to make for birthdays!!
Oh, now I've gone and scared meself........ok, I don't have to make a card for all of those male cousins, but that still leaves a gianormous number of boyish cards.....and it's not flippin' easy!!

So, yesterday, while I was playing working in my crafty hidey-hole, I came across a pack of acetate images that were given to me, probably three years ago (or maybe even more).  My friend gave them to me because she'd bought them on a whim, (been there), and didn't know what to do with 'em.
If truth be told, neither did I, lol........so they went in the back of a drawer until I brought 'em out, kickin' and screamin', yesterday.  Still wasn't sure what to do with the flippin' things, and not even sure that I even like them....but, hey.......they would do for a not too fussy male card......I hope, heehee.........so, see what ya think.........

Dark brown corrugated card is the base of the card, and, as you can see, I kept it very simple.......I layered some text DP onto white textured card, the hand-sewed around, and inked the edges.......

The pocket watch and racing drivers are acetate, which I simply cut from the larger sheet and trimmed to fit my card.......I toyed with maybe colouring them from the back, but thought they looked okay as they were...(I'm soooo lazy, lol).....

I love pocket watches, and always wanted to own one.....will have to make do with this acetate one, for now......I was a bit doubtful about what kind of glue to use for fixing the acetates to the paper, but found that good ol' PVA glue worked fine....just put it onto the darker areas, on the back, and it did the job!

How about that sentiment?.....cheeky, eh?, lol........I dug out my Dynamo and typed out the sentiment, then just stuck it onto a scrap piece of the brown card I'd used for the base of the card.......

I don't often use rub-ons, mostly because I think they are ridiculously expensive......but I think this was probably a freebie (have ya noticed how much free stuff I use, heehee)......and it seemed just right to finish off this simple card.
Not sure who this will go out to....don't have any racing drivers in my lot........but neither do I have any pipe-smokers, steam engine drivers, or vintage car drivers, which are what the other images in these acetate sheets are........ho-hum!

Would love to have your thoughts on this one.......as for mine........not at all sure, lol!

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Anne-Marie x


  1. Super card! I have a theory when it comes to "male" cards: texture. Men like to rub stuff, right?! So I use a lot of heat-embossing.

  2. great job!!! anything acetate scares the snot out of me!!! i'm impressed!

    great post!

    hugs :)

  3. W.O.W! AM, you've blown me away with this one... so when are you starting to give male card lessons? I'm first in that line young lady!
    Never used acetate images before, though have seen them in the store and avoided! gives me a new perspective :) Thank you!

  4. Hi, fancy meeting you on blogger ! Ruth told me about your blog, and very nice it is too :)


  5. I love this card! I've tried to enable comments but they just aren't showing up, its time to get my dad on the case! :)

  6. You've done a grand job on this card! Perfect "guy" colours and images. Thanks for joining us at Try it on Tuesday this week

  7. Super card. Very Masculine. thanks for joingin us a Try it on Tuesday and ahve a grat day. Angela

  8. Anne-Marie I think you've done a brilliant job with this card. Amazing how much stuff we've got stashed away. You've inspired me to get rummaging. Thanks for including this fab card in the TioT challenge this week.xx