Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Bear with me!

Hi, and welcome!

Sorry 'bout the title......holding my hands up....rubbish at thinkin' up new titles.....and sorry that I've been AWOL for the past stuff going on, but nothing that would interest you....just time-consuming for me.

This is going to be a short one, so straight to the card................

White textured card base, layered with blue cardstock and an embossed aperture frame (Cardcraft)....I coloured the embossed flowers (Promarkers) and then painted on some glittery Modpodge....I like the effect this gave because it dries clear, and the colour is softened, but glittery...luvverly......

....the image is from Cuddly Buddly, and originally had a funky frame around it, but that didn't look right with the layout of the card, so I coloured, and then cut around and mounted onto the corner of the card with sticky pads........

Hope you can get an idea of the glittery fabbiness (new word) of these flowers, lol........

I placed a scrap of DP (K&CO) behind the aperture, and it was from this that I took the colour combo......there are two lines of embossing around the frame, and I used Promarkers on these, too........

The ticket was a freebie (love tickets) and the sentiment,  in my humble opinion, could cover a myriad of occasions......can ya tell this card is destined for my "just in case" stash, lol.......

And here's a  reminder of what goes on the back of most of my cards....coloured to match the theme of the card, of course.......:)

I don't think I'm going to be able to post before I leave for my jollies (Cornwall), so behave yourselves while I'm away....that means YOU,  Stef and Birdie!!


Use an animal
Anne-Marie x


  1. ust gorgeous Anne-Marie,enjoy your

  2. Yes, this card is a fit for any occasion. I am very happy getting mail so the sentiment is just right! I like the way you have put your mark on the back of your cards, good idea.

  3. What's B been up to now? Great card, never heard of this mysterious Modpodge, I may have to Google it....

  4. AM, love how fabby those flowers turned out :) And will have to ask C for her google results, have heard of this famous modpodge but never seen it's packaging in order to look for it here...
    Fabulous colouring on the bear, the shadows on his clothes and hat are soooo expertly done!
    Enjoy the trip!

  5. Me? Why me??? Copperknob, lovely color combo and you know blue is not a favorite of mine :D
    I am joining the ranks of those who never heard of glittery ModPodge. Must tell more - inquiring minds want to know; does make the flowers fab looking. Anyone would be thrilled to get Happy Mail like this - you color so wonderfully!

  6. very pretty colours , the flowers look great,thanks for joining us at I ♥ promarkers this week ,Kate

  7. so cute, thanks for playing with us at Paper pretties.

  8. I adore this card, Anne-Marie!!! You are so full of creativity. I didn't know there was a glittery Modpodge. It's beautimous!!! Was going to say I need to buy some, but if I buy anything new I'm going to have to slap myself and that will be painful. So I guess I'll resist the glittery modpodge until I use up some of my large stash. LOL

    Have the most wonderful time ever in Cornwall!!!! Hugs!!!

  9. Just popping in to let you know you are being missed. I hope you are having a ball. :)

  10. Uhooi,,
    Waw,, These cards are nice, funny and creative,,,

  11. ooooh! love your logo, Anne-Marie!! :) And I love your card too! I'm making a website on card-making and when it's done, I'd love to have you over to share your cards for inspiration if you're up to it.. They're beautiful!

    Your comment made me smile. :) That interview with Martha will definitely not be anytime soon. lol Thanks, Anne-Marie!


  12. yeah, so i'm behaving. it's hubby who's driving me nuts!!!!

    i love your "back of the card" sticker. love it.
    the card isn't bad either!

    hugs :)

  13. Hi!
    Totally Gorgeous!~
    Thanks for visiting my blog and be my follower.
    Love how you identify your cards, great seal! How you do that?