Sunday, 23 October 2011

Teen Boy card

Hello, and welcome!

Talk about an emotional roller-coaster!!  The past few days.....nay...weeks!....have thrown a proper spanner into my poor heart.......uughh!
A bit dramatic? never deny it.........but that's what ya get when you love fiercely, and you hold people close to your heart.......

Didn't think losing Kevin would have such an effect on me.......he's been in my life for the past 28 years, and for 18 of those years he was a 6 feet 4 inches, broad shouldered, hunk of muscle who was the biggest practical joker I've ever known.....and I was very often his favourite target....let me tell you about just one of very many incidents.........

Kevin had recently had to take to a wheelchair, and he had District Nurses coming by, every few days, to wrap the ulcers on his legs.
Rhys had started in the nursery at the local school, and I used to go and pick him up, every morning, take him to nursery, then go back to see what Kevin needed for the day (Roseanne was at work).
I came back from taking Rhys, one morning, to find the nurses had arrived....they were two new ones, and gave me a kind of funny glance as I walked into the room........
Kevin was sitting....eyebrows up in his hairline, a "Kevin" smirk on his face....and I knew he had told the nurses something about me....probably something I wouldn't I asked.........the nurses looked very embarrassed........
and Kevin finally cracked........
He'd told them I had been the master-mind behind an armed robbery, in Manchester, and I'd served time in prison and was now out, on licence, having to do Community Service by taking his son to school.......typical Kevin!!

Well, Jonathan, Tanys, and Bevan are now residents of Bangor, Northern Ireland.....and the house is so empty without them.
I'm over my wailin' an' sobbin'........haaaa!..........and have had a couple of phone calls and a visit on Skype......Skype is WONDERFUL!!
Bevan was wearing the outfit I got him for his 1st birthday, last Monday, and looked so sweet.........he kissed me on the screen....yaaaaay Bevan!!

Anyway.....'nuff of the soppy's the card I made for our eldest grandson, Jack....he turned 14 last week........and thinks he's all that....haaaahaaaaa.......

Hard to make a suitable card for a 14 year old.......and the ol' mojo didn't want to put in an appearance.......sorry Jack......

The sentiment was a freebie (TLC?) and I coloured in the Happy Birthday, which was originally in black.......added a couple of green brads to the corners.......the label was embossed in a  Cuttlebug folder (swiss dots).....

All the grungy doodles are rub-ons from my stash........

I cut the star square from some old scrapbook paper, and I added the Wild rub-on........

Now, I didn't want him gettin' the wrong idea about what kind of chicks he was a magnet for, now did I?....haaaaaa!

Didn't really enjoy makin' this card....poor Jack......but he was really appreciative, as all good boys should be.....bless 'im, :)

Thanks for putting up with my wailin' and sobbin'........

Anne-Marie x


  1. I am so glad I didn't have a beverage in my mouth - would be scrubbing the screen right now - Love the chick magnet and Jack's chicks. Knew you didn't loose it but is great to see it back in action!

  2. What a great card...perfect for any male. Thanks for playing with us at OSAAT.

    xoxo Marjo

  3. Well Anne-Marie that is one thing that can never be taken,all those fab memories.
    Your card is gorgeous as

  4. Such a great design! And Love the bright colors.
    Thanks for joining us at OSAAT this time. Hope to see you soon.
    ~darling Ho-OSAAT-DT

  5. I think it's perfect for a 14 year old boy, and the chicks inside are hilarious! I loved your Kevin story, too. Oh, my, what a character he was!

  6. lovely card lots of fun
    thank you for joining us this week at OSAAT
    Love Jan

  7. Brilliant card, perfect for a teen. Great design and layout too.
    Thanks for playing along with TPC and good luck
    Anne x

  8. What a hoot AM! love the 'chicks' :) I have those rub ons in my stash don't you know! thanks for the inspiration on making myself a boy card for the emergency card pile :)

  9. Hi there blogging friend .
    Love this card , so bright and sooo funny .The young man will think it cool , I am sure .
    hugs Shirley-Anne