Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Polaroid2 - DT Card

Hello, and welcome!

It seems so long since I "talked" to you all, and I have to thank you, from my heart, for all the kind words, and comforting cyber hugs.....I really don't know what I would do if I couldn't come into my little sanctuary, and chat with you all.

You'll know that this past week has not been at all easy.  As at this moment, Kevin's post-mortem will be in it's second day.  Most of you will already be familiar with Kevin, Roseanne, and Rhys.
Roseanne left at her usual time of 6.30am, last  Tuesday morning, to go to open up the store where she works as manager.  12 year old Rhys left for school an hour later.  He cycles to my house, and leaves his bike in my garden, or garage, and walks around the corner to his school.  My 13 year old grandson, Jack, also does this.
This always means that Kevin is left alone for half an hour, and his main carer, Vicky, arrives at 8.00am.
Last Tuesday she arrived to find the living room in disarray.....two glass nesting tables were overturned, had blood on them, across the doorway, and Kevin was slumped inj his wheelchair.......blood covered his heavily-bandaged right leg.
Kevin was barely conscious, and Vicky phoned an ambulance, then called Roseanne, then me.
To make a very long story much shorter.............

The police and C.I.D. were called by the paramedics.......Kevin died at the scene........we were not allowed into the house until the Crime Scene Investigators gave us permission....lots of photos were taken....we all gave statements....we had to stand outside, on the drive, in 80 degrees sun, for 6 hours until the body was taken.  Eventually, one of Roseanne's neighbours took her into her home, for a short can imagine what a state she was in....and somebody went to get Rhys from school.

First thoughts were that one of two things had happened.....Kevin had either knocked the joystick of his computerised chair, and it had shot forward into one of the tables, resulting in the table cutting his thigh, and he bled to death.....
or, he had a spontaneous bleed from a main artery, and bled to death........
The police took away the glass tables.......
Now, we wait.

I promised the Design Team at Stretch 'n' Bubbles that I would not let them here's a very hurriedly made card, featuring Polaroid 2

I was happy to use this sweet image this week....most of the work was already done because the frame means i didn't have to do too many layers........I also chose to use Autumnal colours....the red hand-stitched and distressed paper was a scrap....the background is from the Spiceberry collection from Memorybox............

Of course, every girlie needs a bit of bling, which is where the good ol' sparkly Modge Podge comes blingy bag!

What can be more bling than sunshine?  The little alpha stickers are clear veluum, that's been in my stash for yonks..........nearly all gone now........

The few minutes it took to hand-stitch this scrap were probably the quietest, ans most peaceful I've had all week.........

The flower was actually made by my grandaughter....7 year old Taylor......when she was playing at my desk a few days ago......I pinched it, to save time.........sorry, Tay.........

Sorry it was rushed.....hope I can find some challenges, because that's part of my remit as a DT challenges!


Anne-Marie x


  1. Hi Anne-Marie, what a shocking event . You and yours are in my thoughts and prayers .
    What a trooper you are to create and post . Love your " quick" card .Pretty flower you nicked too. Super cute image and fab'Birthday' greeting on front too .
    hugs Shirley-Anne

  2. How super sweet, love you shiny sun... thanks for joining us at Simon Says Challenge blog

  3. What a terrible thing to happen,I am thinking of you and your

  4. What can one say, {hugs}

    Love the flower you G/Daughter made. :)

  5. Oh my, how terrible and they had already been through so much before this happened. I'm uplifting all of you in prayer.

    Your such a trooper to turn a card out in the midst of all this and such a beautiful card too. It looks like your grand daughter is going to follow in your creative foot steps. Big hugs to you my friend.

  6. Sorry to hear your news, i wondered where you were, very sad for you all, will remember you in my prayers, God is always there for us in all things. I hope you can take comfort in that. You really are wonderful getting a card done too, it's beautiful, especially your granddaughter's flower.
    Sending a hug your way.

  7. Coperknob, still sending hugs and prayers. You tell Taylor I love her flower and for some reason I can see her beginning to reach for that glittery Mod Podge in the near future. Cute card and remember crafting is also good for the soul.

  8. I am so sorry to hear your news & I will keep you all in my heart thought's & prayers.
    A gorgeous card

  9. oh anne marie, hun i am so sorry of what has happened, i know i didnt know kevin at all but my thoughts are still with you all and i hope that the post mortem gives you all some answers.
    huge huge hugs xxxxx and your card is beautiful too sweets xxx

  10. That is wonderful, thanks for sharing!
    hey, Pixie Dust Paperie is giving away a kit worth $40, please come join in the fun!

  11. omg! did someone break in? or was it just an accident? holy crap! that is just terrible! i will definitely keep everyone in my prayers!

    your card, as always, is gorgeous... and i've missed you, but now i know why. you are truly a good friend.

    hugs :)

  12. OMG Ann Marie that is just terrible, so sorry for you. Let's hope they find out what actually happened soon.
    Your card is gorgeous, I love the colours & the sparkle.
    Take care
    Big hugs

  13. Wow! Look at all those details! Thanks for playing at Digital Tuesday Challenge.

  14. What very sad news, we are so sorry to hear of this terrible event and we are thinking of you all at this time.
    Under these circumstances, you've still made such a beautiful card.
    Love and hugs to you all,
    Rachel and Angela

  15. Have been thinking about you and your family, hope you are finding the strength to support each other, you're still in my prayers.