Friday, 21 October 2011

Bevan's Flannel Quilt

Hello, and welcome!

I'm just back from Manchester Airport.....dropped off Jonathan, Tanys and Bevan to catch the 7.05am flight to Belfast, Northern Ireland......they are today starting their new life in a new country.......and it was soooo hard for me to let them go.
I held onto Bevan for as long as I could, feeling his soft breath on my face, as we stood in the misty rain that had just started to fall in the dark, cold morning, at the drop-off point.
Jonathan is my baby, and I've never been without him........and Bevan is a part of my heart.........
I am hopeful that they will love their life in Ireland, and that Tanys can find good friends for herself and for Bevan, while Jonathan settles into his new work..............
They looked so very young as they walked into Terminal 3.............
I was so glad that my Gillian was driving us, because I wouldn't have been able to get myself home!
And Bangor is only an hour's flight away, so it won't be long before we can go to visit....just have to wait until Ken can spare the time away from work, and we can afford the flight.....haaaaa!
I know that I've been spoilt, having them living just minutes away, and because they have stayed at our house for the past three weeks.......but indulge me, here!.......I'm missin' them already!!!!

No card to share, today, but I thought I would give you a peek at the flannel quilt I finally finished, for gets coooold in Northern Ireland, so it had to be flannel, which is my very favourite kind of quilt.....all soft, snuggly comfort.....sigh......

Remember, I only do quick, simple, easy......and my quilts are far from perfect (I don't do perfect, ever!)......but every stitch was made with love :)..........

It is very soft.....very warm......very cosy.......

And I want to imagine Bevan sleeping beneath it, and remembering his Grandma........

Anne-Marie x


  1. Okay, tears in my eyes. What a perfect gift and he will find it perfect too because his Grandma made it just for him. Wishing them well on their new adventure and send a big hug just cause I think you need one right now ;)

  2. "my quilts are far from perfect" BAH HUMBUG!!! That looks great and one I am sure that Bevan will snooze happily underneath and dream sweet dreams staring his grandma :o)

  3. oh when I was young I use to love quilting, and this is so beautiful
    Hugs Kate xx

  4. A lovely quilt for your grandson, sorry they have had to move away but glad you got to celebrate his first birthday with him. Feeling sad for you - all my family live close, with my son, DIL with our grandchildren the furthest, which is an hour away. So sometimes I don't see them for several weeks unless I have Layla staying with me.
    Sending hugs your way, you'll have to get a camera for your computer so you can see and talk to each other -

  5. What a great quilt you have made. It will be treasured for sure.

  6. What a lovely quilt for a lovely boy. You just know he is going to dream sweet grandma dreams snuggled up with that beauty.

  7. AM, it is perfect because you made it with so much love. Hope they will be happy and be met with much success*