Thursday, 6 January 2011

Thank you, Leanie!

I was SO surprised, and definitely delighted, to receive a My Blog Has Attitude Award. and was nominated by Leanie, who has a really cool blog here.

Who knew that I would ever receive something this fabulous?

I am so grateful that you all bother to take a peek here, because I know just how many really awesome blogs there are, out there in Blogland.
Thank you so much.

Well, the rules that come with this award state that I have to tell you three things that make me different..........hhmmmmm.........and I also have to pass on the award to 5 other bloggers.

Ok.....three things that make me different......well.......

I am a qualified genealogist....OR....according to my 7 year old grandson, George......a gynecologist!

My favourite tv series of all time is The Waltons....sorry.......but that might go some way to explaining how I've ended up hanging 29 stockings on Christmas Eves!

I still have 6 baby teeth in my bottom jaw......I just never got adult ones, and my baby teeth grew larger when my other teeth came in.......always had really healthy teeth, and am the only one of my siblings who still has all my own!

Now to pass on the award.................and did I mention the $5.00 gift voucher?

She will delight you!

Now, this lady certainly has attitude....will make you laugh out loud!

So talented.....and funny!

I get such a lot of inspiration....she's amazing!

This lady is so very generous with her freebies, and never fails to give encouragement, too!

Ladies, you can find your award and the rules here.

I hope you visit each of these very creative ladies, and enjoy them as much as I do!

Thanks again, Leanie!

Anne-Marie x


  1. a geneologist! wowza!!! now i'm impressed - lol!

    thank you so, so much for sharing this with me. YOU, my dear, have a FABULOUS attitude!

    hugs :)

  2. thanks so much for the award! so love your list and I always love how kids put a different spin on things :) Totally love that it is a blog with attitude award. Naomi x

  3. Ahhh, thank you SO much Anne-Marie!! I feel so honored to be chosen as one of your favorite blogs! I lOVE that you think my blog has ATTITUDE! With the posting of all my OLD characters, probably a SASSY one at that! Tee-hee! Thank you again for MAKING MY DAY!
    {{{hen hugs}}}