Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thank You cards

Hi, and welcome!

You may remember me posting, a few weeks ago, about my daughter's mother-in-law, Sheila, leaving home to serve as a full-time missionary for our church.

She's doing really well, from all accounts, and is loving what she is doing.  She's one of those people who thrive on being busy, especially on behalf of others, so she's in her element.
I can't help wondering how many tyre changes her wheelchair is going to need, over the next 18 months!
Well, a goodie box is being sent to her, at the weekend, and I thought she might have a use for a set of Thank You cards that she can give to kind people who invite her for meals, etc.

I've been really busy for the past few days, so had to do these in a hurry, which is why they are a bit on the plain fancy embellishments, glitter, buttons (shame), but hopefully, they'll come in handy, anyway.

I made six in pink......

and six in blue.

I think these are known as CAS cards, i.e. Clean and Simple :)
Just a panel of white card, embossed with a Cuttlebug folder (in my BigShot), a piece of DP cut into a Nestie label, a freebie digi sentiment, and a strip of DP behind....a little inking around the background, and there y' go!
Sorry, Petra....didn't get around to the photo editing bit yet :)...but I will!

Hope you....and them!

Anne-Marie x


  1. These are beautiful cards Anne-Marie!!! I'm so glad you liked the "cupid poop" post, lol! I thought it was just to cute to pass up on. Take care!


  2. AM, love the simplicity of these cards and think that the lack of embellies just brings them to life more! really love that they are so white with only the splash of colour on each. Photo's are looking beautiful, only practice makes perfect :) Took photo of my post today by sticking the page to the wall with prestik! thought it was ingenious :)

  3. These are gorgeous and perfect for Sheila to give out. I'm curious (as I always am when someone recieves a mission call) as to where she's serving her mission?

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my giveaway! I'm now stalking you back! ;-)

  4. Hey Anne-Marie! Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving some sweet compliments! I noticed your Moroni blinkie ... I'm born and raised .. but not quite as devout as I should be. I read about your grandmother going on a mission. Some people are just saints, aren't they. Isn't it cool that the miles between Manchester and Phoenix seem to disappear because of the internet ... and scrapbooking. Big hugs, honey! Thanks again for your visit!

  5. How thoughtful of you and they are beautiful just as they are!

  6. beautiful cards, and thanks for the comment on my blog ;)