Tuesday, 2 April 2013

A Blessing and a Blanket

Hello, and welcome!

I really hope that all of you who celebrate Easter had a blessed one.......our family certainly did!
Of course, this one was all the more special because we witnessed the Blessing of our beautiful new granddaughter, Riley Mae.  
It was so wonderful to see her held in her Daddy's arms, and surrounded by her grandfathers, uncles, and close family friends, she was given her very lovely and special blessing......and, yep.....I cried.......but Riley didn't....she was as good as gold :)......

As promised, here a few piccies of the blanket I knitted for her lovely day.....sorry about the poor quality.....I was running around the house, trying to find the best light, and this was it!
You can't really see from the photos, but there is a strand of silvery, sparkly thread that runs through the soft yarn......

It's not perfect......I don't do perfect.......but every stitch was made with love for this precious little girl......and it kept her snuggly warm on a very cold day, with the snow still lying in drifts......

Of course, I had to have a little moment with my precious.......

Sleepy girl........

Mummy, Daddy and big brother, Bevan.....

This is the invitation to Riley's special day.....cute, eh?

Have I ever mentioned that I LOVE MY FAMILY?

Hope to see you tomorrow.....I'll be here with my DT card for the Perfect Sentiments challenge!

Anne-Marie x

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  1. Oh matey, this is a beautiful blanket and as a fellow knitter I can appreciate the love and work that's gone into this. What a wonderful thing to be able to make for your beautiful new addition to the family x

  2. Wow what a gorgeous blanket well done fabulous.....Beautiful photo's.xxx

  3. Oh my goodness Anne-Marie. The blanket you made is gorgeous and so very special. I am sure it will be treasured.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. It is always so nice to read about the love you have for your wonderful family.

    hugs Sue xx

  4. Lady, that blanket has left me sitting with my mouth agape! I shall never call myself a knitter again. That is absolutely STUNNING (and I still feel that is an understatement). The time, the stitching, the love -- oh my goodness, what a keepsake for that adorable little girl. Have I gushed true appreciation enough? I think not, but will there truly is nothing more to say.

    PS., little Riley Mae is beautiful. Mae was my grandmother's middle name -- a lovely lady, too.

  5. The blanket is beautiful (I love the bit of sparkle!), and Riley is a stunner. You look lovely as well, my friend! Congrats on the new sweetheart in your family!

  6. Such a precious little one! Love the blanket you made for her!

  7. Such a happy event, and doesn't she look like a sweet little angel!!! You are blessed to have such a loving family, Anne-Marie.
    Great photos and the blanket looks wonderful!!!

  8. did you really make that blanket? holy moly girl! it is absolutely gorgeous! wow! wow! and WOW! she is just precious and you look wonderful.

    hugs :)

  9. I love this post, Anne-Marie! Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!

  10. You knit too??!!!!!!!! What a beautiful blanket for a beautiful baby. Of course the whole darn family is beautiful as well. Would say Grams photo with Riley is indeed frame worthy! Happy for everyone (and look how big Bevan is getting...)

  11. Hi Anne-Marie
    What beautiful photo's of your family and little Riley is so beautiful.. As is your blanket.
    You're a very talented lady .. Happy Easter to you all x

  12. That's a lot of stitches that you knittet - oh my!! Looks wonderul ... and soft....

  13. Oh, this is absolutely beautiful! The design is amazing and I'm sure this will be treasured for many, many years!
    The pictures are so wonderful too; such a happy family and a beautiful little girl!

  14. I am like Jenee, Anne-Marie..my mouth was hanging open longer though, cause i did it all the way down to leave a comment and Jenee left her comment sooner. Looks like your hair has gotten longer since your profile pic too..but you look lovely! This blanket is a treasure for sure..it would always be something i'd save for my children to have when they got older. Just beautiful..and i wish i could see that sparkly strand too..Our eyes always take better pictures.