Thursday, 30 August 2012

My Crafting Space

Hi, and welcome!

After posting  my ikkle Christmas card, last night, I realised that one of the piccies showed a tiny bit of me work desk.....oooo......don't think I've slipped up done that before...hahaaa!  
So, methinks, seein' as my desk  is tidy for once, you might like to have a nosey peek around my craft room......I'd take the chance now, because it's not likely to stay this tidy for long.....hahaaaa!
Apologies to Sticky Beak Victoria, beforehand.......will definitely not be up to her exacting standards, no matter how organised and tidy I think I'm being, lol......

This photo is taken from my swivel that I can push with my feet (lazy slob!) and my chair will wheel me to where I want to be......the "mess" in the flowery containers is actually very well my standards, anyway, lol.......the big grey coloured mat is from IKEA and is designed to be a work-surface on a it because it's so easy to clean..ha!  The wooden drawers are full of paper flowers, cotton threads and needles, and a packet of Polo mints just might be found in there, too.......

There's my ikkle netbook....aawwww...and the pink thingy is my mobile phone....and those scissors are my favourite ones in the whole wide world.....heehee......had 'em for years, and abuse 'em terribly, but they are still as sharp as ever......more than can be said for me, alas........

This basket is where I keep my latest magazines......some of them are actually months old, because I never seem to just sit down and properly read them!  I've recently gone through that basket and thrown out 22 mags.....I kid you not!

I've just realised that I only took photos of my desk and one side of the room......will have to maybe show the other side, where I have my paper storage and Big Shot station, another time....if it stays tidy......
The little file box at the top has photos in it, waiting to be's been waiting for quite a while, now.....and then my stamping mats are beside it, next to the mini sewing machine (for cards) that I never use....the gold box holds my Christmas card makes (got 21 now!).
The red and white boxes were bought from Costco, a couple of years ago, with Christmas biscuits in them.  They were a gift for my Mam, but I nabbed the boxes back when she'd snaffled all  the biscuits....hahaaa!  They now hold my collection of lace, wound around old-fashioned wooden clothes pins....very pretty!  The files hold my Fiskars shapes templates.

Further along the to the Christmas box is my collection of Unity Stamps...don't use them often enough.....then some clear boxes that have embellies in them.  The kraft box holds my woollen felts, and there's another pack of cheaper felts, on top of the box.  Underneath, there's an assortment of more tiny embellies,  my pastel coloured buttons, and the jar with the pretty heart on top holds my coloured netting....the little black and clear drawer set holds some die cuts, waiting to be used, and the red drawers house my felt markers, Sakura pens, and Promarkers are kept on another desk, under the shelf, but no photo yet.......

More boxes, on the top shelf, holding bits and bobs...we've all got some of those, right?......and the bottom shelf holds some of my plain card stock, and pouches that have vellums and such like in 'em.  You can just about see, in the corner,  my Xyron machine (hardly ever used), my Bind-it-All (hardly ever used), and my Silhouette machine....yep....hardly ever used!

The slope that you might be able to make out, above that corner, is actually the staircase to the loft, (it's not actually in the craft room, go out of the craft room, down the landing, and there's a door to the staircase)....the loft that is supposed to be my sunny, bright sewing room, but is actually being used as a bedroom by Jonathan and Tanys......still saving for that deposit!

If you can stand it, I'll get the rest of the room clicked soon....but only if the maid has been in to clean it...hahaaa!

Anne-Marie x


  1. Will you send you maid over to tidy my craft room when she (Assuming it is a she)is finished with yoursould do with shelves like yours, my floor doubles as a storage shelf atm. :0

  2. yoursould = yours could ;)

  3. Humph, you are way too organized for me (grin). I shant be sharing pictures of my craft room with you -- and especially not posting them on my blog for all the world to see! No siree Bob (whomever Bob may be), my little corner of the world is not nearly so organized nor neat.

  4. Oooh I love your crafty space a lot tidier than

  5. My ears are burning! Don't know what you're moaning about: it's lovely and tidy! What a fabulous craft room you have. It looks like you are able to have everything you need close to hand, which must make crafting a dream. Looking forward to seeing those extra unphotographed bits! Love, Sticky Beak x

  6. Your room looks great!! I am trying to clean mine up and I took some 'before' pics but I doubt they will ever be seen by anyone!!
    I have forgotten to tell you that part of our family (and a small group from our church) will be in England next month!!! We are Baptist and are going to visit a missionary that we support. We are sooooo looking forward to it!

  7. I wish I had a craft room :) My living room has to suffice for now. So as you can imagine... not so tidy.

    Been reading older posts and you have a lovely blog!

    Just to make you aware those keyrings are now listed, and you have a new reader too :D

  8. Well, well, well, Copperknob! ANd all these month syou've been having us believe that you dive into your stash to find anything....

    Well done on the tidy bit, it is a bother trying to keep everyhing where it needs to be. I think all of us crafters struggle with this don't we?

    Loved the tour, got a couple of tips too! now to find myself some more storage doohickey's.... and a craft room.... :)

  9. Hi Anne Marie,
    Love your Harry Potter inspired craft room and I see you have the phone handy...very handy re a mid glue together!!! I still use the dining table!!! Great space for yourself, love the photos!!! Request for a video room tour!!
    Hugs Trish xx

  10. Sigh! Never in a million years will mine be so neat.