Monday, 13 February 2012

Nitwits Sweet Flower

Hello, and welcome!

I've been hiding in my craft quiet and peaceful in there...........and spent a little time going through my "bits 'n' bobs" many pretties!  Ha!

Why was I hiding?  Well, I'll tell you........
Because hubby is at home.....still!
Now, please don't get me wrong.....I love him, dearly.....wouldn't still be here almost 43 years after the nuptials, if I didn't........but, there's a limit.........and we've passed it!

We always have a lean time, after Christmas, because he works with outside broadcast units, filming outdoor concerts, race meetings, etc., and his part of the job is very weather-dependant.  He works freelance, which means he's self-employed, and the work always dries up at this time of's just an occupational hazard, and we try to prepare for it, financially.
He has an allotment, where he keeps racing pigeons, rabbits and chickens.......also grows a few veggies.....and lots of he spends a few hours, each day, mucking and raking, feeding and watering, and whatever else fellas get up to on these little plots of our green and pleasant England
But he's had no work since Boxing Day, (day after Christmas), and he is really fed-up....bored....fretful.
He keeps asking me if there's anything I need him to do........I would have whooped with joy, a short time ago!.......but, we've exhausted everything I would trust him with, (another story, right there!), so he mooches about, follows me around.......and it's driving me doolally!
Anyone want to hire a strong, fit 62 year old?  He's tall, dark (well, lightening slightly in places, ha!), and very handsome, and can bring his own mug and Labrador....apply in writing, no reasonable offer refused!

Anyway, 'cos I was in hiding, it had to be a fast and simple creation........

I have quite a stash of gorgeous free papers and elements, so decided to use a bit of it's so nice to get my magazine delivered, and find a stack of free papers included........I think these were from a Nitwits pack.  I just cut everything out, used chalk ink to outline the edges, and stuck to the card blank....the flower and bow are up on pop-dots.....and I added some white Card Candi, which is from Craftwork Cards......

Cute?  Yep....definitely!
I actually went back, later, and added a Happy Birthday sentiment, but then forgot to take a piccie........should have given the job to Hubby....haaa!

Anne-Marie x



  1. Ha ha this blog post made me giggle. Don't know if I have any jobs, I'm afraid, and the labrador might scare the cat!! Ooooo I wonder what else you might find in your 'bits and bobs' stash as this is gorgeous!

  2. Oh my I have my own like you.... wait till he retires then you can moan and groan.Get him prepared with an all weather hobby lol.
    Your card is gorgeous,love your

  3. Feeling for you! My husband is home with a bad back....need I say more? I have to hide with the kids though and look productive? whatever that means? I love what you do when you hide in your room! Beautiful papers and I love that singular flower!

  4. ok. do you have a basement? a shed? tie his a** up out there or down there and tell him you'll bring him his bread and water but ONLY if he stops whimpering!!!!!

    fabulous card.

    i didn't cry at the movie but i did love it. had some really funny parts - now there i cried! go figure.

    hugs :)

  5. What a great card! You must have quite the stash!
    LOL @ your hubby issues! We have the opposite issue at our house. He works so often that he doesn't get much done at home! Just to make you feel better, I don't get much crafty time either because I have to do so many other things! Maybe we can put both of ours together and then we could both craft to our hearts content!!

  6. Whispering here, just incase he hears us. lol Great card, love the papers and flower.

  7. Oh, I'm sitting here laughing -- not at you, but with you. My hubs has been "retired" for 2.5 years now, and the boredome is getting worse. He is grumpy and wants to "go" some place all the time (with me accompanying him, of course). Anyways, girl, keep hiding if cute little cards are the by-product. This one is darling!

  8. Love your card and how you used the different patterned paper in sections - adorable! Thanks for sharing it with us at Simon Says Stamp and Show! Ellen :)