Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Bag a Bag for Breast Cancer Research!

Hello, and welcome!

I doubt there are many women who have access  to the Internet who are not aware that the whole month of October, every year, is devoted to Breast Cancer Awareness......and if there are, they are certainly not Bloggers......hahaaa!

Those of you who have been comin' around here  for a while will know I am a breast cancer survivor, and feel extremely blessed.....but there are very many more women....and men.....who are still courageously fighting their own battles.
In honour of these people, and to show my solidarity with their cause, I am offering a little something to help raise awareness of the reality of breast cancer, and of the need for funding for the on-going research........research that WILL find a CURE.

Many of you know that I have a wonderfully talented daughter, Leigh-Anne, who has a Facebook page that showcases the handcrafted quilts that she lovingly makes.....she also makes and sells all kinds of bags, baby taggies, cot quilts, etc..........and you can feast your eyes on some of her makes at 
and tell her I sent'll be made very welcome!

Anyway, the point is, I asked Leigh-Anne to create a lovely tote that I could offer as BLOG CANDY for all my wonderful Followers.I told her I wanted something that would be large enough and substantial enough to hold any crafty goodies that the winner wanted to put in it.  She readily agreed, and promptly ordered some beautiful fabric.....she doesn't really need an excuse...hahaaa!......and gave me the honour of making the final choice.

I love what she created and will have a hard time parting with it..........

My usual....are certainly not the best,  and don't do this lovely tote me when I tell you it is beautiful.......the fabric is 100% cotton and there is a layer of soft wadding that helps to give shape and substance........

Isn't this fabric gorgeous?

And it's fully reversible.....bonus!  

Don't be too disappointed if you don't win it.......Leigh-Anne is selling these for £20.00 at   £5.00 from each sale will be donated to does this little beauty end up in your hot little paws hands?  
Easy-peasy.........make sure you are a Follower and  leave me a comment.  But not just any comment.......
My life was saved because I had a routine mammogram........I want you to tell me ....honestly......that you get your breasts checked.....whether that be by having a scan, mammogram, doctor, or self-check........and if you haven't, promise me that you will.

You will have until Wednesday 17th October to take part ......I will then randomly choose a name and post the winner on Thursday 18th October.

Another thing.....please don't become a Follower if you are only here for the candy........I have lovely, warm relationships with many of my Followers and I value them.....please don't spoil it for me....thank you.

I'll put a reminder at the top of each post, and you can leave a comment on any post between now and next Wednesday to be in with a chance.......Good Luck!

Anne-Marie x


  1. Gorgeous candy Anne Marie, and yes I go for my regular mammograms and self check...I lost my lovely Mum to breast Cancer when she was only 52yrs.So know how important this

  2. your daughter is as beautiful and talented as you are.

    i know... i'm bad. haven't been here much. too busy bitching about my own problems - which are slowly getting fixed and disappearing - yay. only as soon as one thing ends, something else comes us. sheesh. BUT... GOD is good and as long i know he will let me bend but HE won't let me break... i'm good with that.

    you know i love when u visit. ur too freakin' funny anywY!

    big hugs... and the bag IS gorgeous!

    hugs :)

  3. You know darn tootin' that I have my annual exam. I also do self exams despite now only have one breast left to examine. (Never have understood why my mammos aren't now half the cost since they only have to do half the work -- ah well). Ladies, I am a "sister survivor," and I know the importance of early detection. The bit of inconvience and yes, bit of mild discomfort that those audacious machines cause are nothing compared to mental and physical pain that the ugly C word can cause. Please, please do yourselves (and your family) a favor and take the time for a yearly check up!

    Leigh Ann, God bless you for using your talents to support your Mum and all of us ladies who do pray daily that not just a cure, but a means of prevention will be found so that our daughters and granddaughters do not have to fear this awful affliction.

  4. Awesome blog candy, Anne-Marie. Leigh-Anne does such beautiful work. This bag is lovely. I get my regular checks, mamos, etc. In fact I'm due to schedule my mamo this month. Blessings and hugs!!!

  5. Saw this bag on your facebook page, love it especially the wonderful pink material.
    As I have said before, I am so glad that you are a survivor. Yeah! way to go.

  6. Hello Anne-Marie, thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your wonderful comments. I am so glad that you are among the survivors. I just love your bag. I tried making one, but it was a disaster and I broke my sewing machine!! I'd love to be one of your followers. Again, congrats on your survival.

  7. Wow your friend has made such a wonderful bag and one with real meaning. I met a breast cancer suffer at the hospital yesterday when I had Nanna there for her Bladder check up and it was a stern reminder to have to checks regularly.I was surprised she said it was breast cancer as the bandage was so high up her chest I was guessing pacemaker.. boy was i wrong. I have my mammogram every two years and here in Australia it doesn't even cost anything other than your time which isn't long and I am lucky to be there 10 mins they work so fast and it never hurts.. I never even ever get to read any of that stack of gorgeous glossy magazines!!!My Aunty has breast cancer and I applaud your sharing of awareness!!!
    Hugs Trish xxoo

  8. Do you have a lovely warm relationship with me, eh? Eh? Makes me all warm and fuzzy at the thought, Copperknob :D
    I know my boobs too ;)

  9. Anne Marie, this is a fabulous reason for blog candy! I do not expect to be entered in the drawing, but thought I would share as well.
    My Grandmother, my cousin, and a dear friend died of breast cancer because they didn't find it until it was too late. Our family is very aware of the importance of early detection and I have two cousins who are survivors due to their annual exams. Although most women don't have a mammogram before age 40, I started getting mine at 30 because of our family history. I hope your candy encourages and reminds others of the importance of these quite simple procedures!!