Sunday, 8 April 2012

Sew Delightful

Hello, and welcome!

I have had the most wonderful Easter, and am hoping that you, too, have felt the effects of God's love for you. and have perhaps had some time to reflect on your blessings......I know I have.

I wanted to share a couple of things with you........firstly, I mentioned, a few days ago, that I had some news to share with piece of news was that Jonathan and Tanys, and baby Bevan were coming home.........and I can't remember what the other news was.....haaaaa!
But.......I also mentioned that there was a third bit of news......and then I forgot to tell you! it's going to be happening tomorrow, I thought I'd better get it said....haaaa!
Hope you're readin' this, Birdie ..........I have been invited, along with 3 of my closest friends, to meet and greet THE OSMONDS as they arrive in Liverpool, prior to their UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL show.....woooooohoooooo!!

We are to be given a VIP box to view the dress rehearsal, then go backstage to "meet and mingle", and have some eats with 'em.....better remember to take a bib (I've been known to dribble).......and then help  them to host a Church Fireside meeting.
Unfortunately.....sigh......sob.....sigh......Donny will not be there......sob.........
so will just have to force myself to smile, and have a good long as they sing "Crazy Horses", I'll be fine....haaaa! news.....yep.....there's more........
If you've been around my blog for a while, you'll know that my youngest daughter, aka Daughter #3, aka Leigh-Anne, is a talented quilter.......yep.......I taught her all she knows ;p.......but she is far and away a better, and more prolific quilter than I'll ever be.
Well, she has been sewing gorgeous creations for friends and family, and word has been passed around, and.........well, the upshot is, she's had tons of orders for her "signature" quilt, which has to be seen to be appreciated!  She also makes a whole lot of other fact, if it can be stitched, she can do it!
After much badgering encouragement from me, and various friends, she's now opened a Facebook page, to  showcase her makes, and so people can place would be lovely if you could pop in, and say Hello.....and say I sent ya!  She would be sooooo chuffed!
She's still in the process of putting up photos, etc., but there will be a lot more to look at, soon........I'm so proud and excited for her!!

This is an Easter bag she made for Bevan

Cute, eh?

And these were girlie ones, to order.....pretty :D

Probably won't be blogging a date....haaaaa!

See you on Tuesday...........

Anne-Marie x


  1. Have fun with all your bustling and mingling. Just remember to take small bites so you don't get caught answering a question with a big mouthful! LOL
    Love your daughter's little bags! I don't have facebook but do tell her that I'm excited for her!

  2. I am sooooo jealous,mingling with the Osmonds!!!!!Oh do have a fab pleased your daughter is doing good for herself too her bags are

  3. So exciting! Enjoy your treat, and a big good luck to your daughter!!

  4. Copperknob! You withheld till last minute on purpose! Truly amazed you hadn't let it slip. While I am beyond happy for you I will admit to some of that thing called envy; console myself with the fact Donny won't be there. Sigh. Agree, love, love, love Wild Horses! I know you will enjoy on my behalf...right?!

    Will check out Leigh-Anne's page; you know I will. Fingers crossed for a good business.

    Loving the bags. Gives those Christmas stockings a run for the money.

  5. What fabulous bags! I will pop in and say hello on fb. Glad you had a lovely Easter - we did too. Enjoy your date!!

  6. Hope you had a great day yesterday, AM. i am sure you behaved impeccably!
    Off to Facebook now to wish Leigh-Anne well.

  7. Well... aren't you just full of big news and excitement?! Hope you enjoyed your 'elbow rubbing' with the Osmonds and your daughter's bags are fantastic!
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter with your family!