Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Male card

Hi, and welcome!

Okay, I'm sorry that's  such a bobbins title, but I'm far toooooo hot to get my few brain cells even more steamed up, trying to think of a catchy title!
Do I sound just a teensy bit frazzled????  You bet I am.....got woken this morning by a call I did not want to get.......Daughter #2 (Gillian) had her house burgled,  last night.......can you believe how low some people can get?
Her hard-working hubby left, early Sunday morning, to work for his company for two weeks.....in India!.....which means she's on her own with 4 children.  She's certainly not the meek and mild type, and had no problem with Hubby being away, but this has thrown her.
She suspects, as do the police, that the villain  is somebody who knows Hubby was going to be away......which could be half the planet!
Fortunately, after breaking in through a kitchen window, while #2 and the kiddles were asleep, upstairs, all they took was some cash from her purse, and cards.
My Hubster went around to her house,  but had to get on his way to work....he's working away, too, but I'm well used to that....and anyone trying to get in here would have to face our black lab....who just happens to be as old as time, and almost deaf...haaaa!....and Jonathan's English Staffie......and me!!  
Anyway, the police were coming to see her, but I've not yet had an update.....watch this space!

I did a little playing today.......was very tempted to plunge me hot hands into more frosty Christmas stuff, but bit me bottom lip and backed away from the stash....haaaa!
Here's what I came up with, instead.......

I didn't want to put my usual number of pics up, firstly because it's pretty self-explanatory....aren't they all?...heehee.....and secondly because I want to show you something else.....but, first the card.
I used kraft base and some papers from a collection called "New Leaf" by Mindy Terasawa.....I've made a few more with this gorgeous set, so look out for them........I cut the sentiment (TLC) with my new Spellbinder's die, and cut another piece of kraft for underneath.......clipped both together with the dinky paper clip and a bit of string....very manly....., and added 3 candi dots...done!

Gillian has had a bit of a day, whichever way you look at it; not only was she burgled, but her eldest child, Harrison, finished at primary school today....aaawwww....can't believe he goes to high school in September!
His class was given the best kind of treat....picked up, after school, in a limo and taken to play bowls.....and fed, to boot!
Harrison is the one with his arms raised.....does he look pleased, or what?

Is it me, or do they all look a bit under-whelmed?

Anne-Marie x

http://desmetdt.blogspot.co.uk/  A Day at the Office
http://papertakeweekly.blogspot.co.uk/  Make your own (I made the clippie embellie)


  1. Firstly, gal, I am so sorry for your daughter. Sadly, I can relate because we've also gotten one of those calls (younger daughter last year). It was during the day when she and the children were gone. Unfortunately, the heisted items were quite extensive.

    Secondly, I do like your little card. That new Spellbinder die is wonderful. I've not seen it in any of the stores; is it part of their new release, I'm wondering? Like the colours. Quite masculine (always the hardest cards to do). Well done.

  2. I am so sorry for your daughter..life can be so awful and I can relate to what she is going through....Your card is gorgeous wow lovely die.xxx

  3. This is a wonderful male card!! These give me trouble so I'm always on the lookout for ideas!!

    Soooo sorry to hear about your daughter's trouble!!! One of our neighbours were robbed last week, and sometimes, the worst thing the thief takes is your feeling of security!

  4. Love your masculine card! And great clip addition!
    I do hope that you daughter will be ok. I know if it were me I'd be sleeping at the bottom of the stairs with a baseball bat until my husband came home.....then I'd let him sleep there! LOL

  5. My word your poor daughter.. she needs to get or borrow a dog who will make a noise if anyone is around outside... Bless her.. I hope she and the children are ok...x

    Your card is lovely.. great male card... love that die!!! Hugs May x x x

  6. I am so sorry to hear about what happened to your daughter and children. What a nightmare. I pray that she will soon feel safe again.
    I don't understand why you had to hold back off the Christmas stuff... anyone would think you liked Christmas? ;-p
    Fab "male card". Those funky notebook type edges are great with the kraft.
    Oh, and I agree, definite sense of being underwhelmed by the huge limo and treats!

  7. That is a super fabulous card! LOVE the punched edges and the pop of color in the patterned paper! LOVE it! :)

  8. So sorry to hear about your Daughter! It happened twice to me and it is horrible so I really feel for her. Love your card, that sentiment is just fabulous. And yes, the children do look a bit underwhelmed but I bet they enjoyed the bowls. Thanks for your visit, sorry but the binmen took it all away today-lol! If I did not love the birdcage so much I would send it to you.......Crafty hugs, Anne x

  9. Hope your daughter and family are doing OK. Such a terrible thing to happen! Hopefully the person(s) will be caught and no one else will have to suffer through that.

    Your masculine card is great! I love the little spiral notepad trim!

    Wonderful pic of your Grand and his glass!

  10. There really are some bad-ones about, you daughter must have gotten an awful shock. {hugs}
    Lovely card, I like that diecut set, will be on the look out for it! Lucky you for winning it!
    A lovely simple but effective layout you used.

  11. Love that big bold sentiment! This is perfect for the boys. Thanks for joining us this week on the Use Your Stuff blog:)
    I would have to agree with you....they do look a bit under-whelmed for getting a surprise
    limo ride.