Thursday, 5 January 2012

I've been abandoned!

Hello, and welcome!

Yes, I have been my crafting mojo!  To be fair, Mr. Mojo probably got really fed-up with me because I've not been good company for the past few lovely grandkiddles decided it was time to share a few bugs and nasties with their Grandma, and I've been trying to get said bugs and nasties to hit the road, but they just keep gettin' as far as the front door, then turn right back around, and jump all over me again....sigh......
I really haven't been feeling well enough to do anything in my craft room.....except .......plan a new room layout, and new storage cabinets....woohooo!
I've already had a huge clear-it-all-out session, before I got poorly, and my grandkids have been given lots of crafty goodies to play with.....and how do they repay me?.........cough....splutter.....splutter....cough.....sneeze............

I'll be back tomorrow with this week's Challenge from Card Crafter's Circle, but in the meantime I thought I would show you what I made to hang in my living room, over Christmas.........

I love popping in to see what Penny over at has created, and she's renewed my interest in yourself a favour, and take a look at what she gets up to, (it's not always cross-stitch, ha).....
How d'you like the ickle cookie button?....cute or what?

Well, off to suck a Lemsip.......sigh......

Anne-Marie x


  1. Oh dear I am sorry to hear you are not to good,it's that time of the year, everything going around. Never mind the Lemsip!! get a nice hot toddy down you!!!.
    You cross stitch is fabulous, love the

  2. i LOVE cross-stitching. that was my big craft hobby before my fingers started cramping when holding the needle. hence i took up cardmaking which does NOT bother these old hands - go figure.

    i still FEEL LIKE i'm GETTING a cold tho' nothing has settled in. yeah, i think my mojo ran off with yours the little buggers!

    feel better sunshine.

    hugs :)

  3. I love stiching and this Santa is brilliant!! Gotta love Santa!!!

  4. Hope you are feeling better AM. {hugs}

  5. I think g'kids could come with some sort of warning haha. Hope you are over your splutters now. Your cross stitch is very neat, love the little button.

  6. Very cute!! beautiful neat stitching - love his night attire!